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Your Questions About Sexual Harassment

Ruth asks…

will this be considered sexual harassment?

I am a boy in 8th grade. we are a small class, and the guys tend to mess around with each other. So today, my friend was leaning over to help another kid on the computer, and I hit him on the butt. Not extremely hard or to hurt him, but just to mess around. My teacher saw and I have to tell my parents and talk to my principal. My principal does tend to overreact, and he does not like me. The thing is, I am EXTREMELY sorry for what I did and I have told the kid sorry and everything, and my teacher accepts that. But I am wondering, will my principal like report me to the police? and is this considered sexual harassment, even if it was fooling around?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Sexual harassment is not a crime, it is a workplace or other type of issue. What you want to worry about is sexual ASSAULT charges. Since everyone concerned is over it, you shouldn’t have to worry.

In your principal’s defense, he is REQUIRED to provide a school environment free from harassment or abuse. He has to act quickly and decisively to prevent any harassment or bullying. Kids have DIED over such seemingly simple matters.

The lesson here is “DON’T”

Helen asks…

What is the sexual harassment definition?

I need to know all about the sexual harassment in the hospitality industry.

adultdatingexpert answers:

There is sexual harassment and then there is a hostile work environment. You may experience one or both of these. Check

It can include unwanted unwelcome sexual advances, inappropriate touching (does not have to be sexual), and gender-biased remarks like, “Women don’t belong here, they belong in a kitchen at home.”

You need to understand what sexual harassment is NOT. Asking someone out on a date is not harassment, telling someone they look nice is not harassment, put downs (unless based strictly on gender) are not harassment.

Before pursuing anything you’ll need witnesses and need to be able to establish some evidence that this has happened to others. Without a clear direct evidence, it’s your word against theirs and you’ll get nowhere.

Because you have a limited time in which to file a complaint (not a lawsuit even, just a complaint to resolve this), you should contact your state Human Rights Commission and the EEOC immediately.

Sandy asks…

When does creepy become sexual harassment?

An older guy in my group at work acts creepy towards the one lady in the group. She’s not a young hottie just ten years younger than the older guy. But the creepy guy is always jumping into conversations for anyone but for her he’ll do things like make slow deliberate hello taps on her shoulder. Or make up excuses to touch her shoulder like you have lint there or nice blouse. One day he even followed her to her car to comment on her cracked windshield that she had mentioned once two weeks ago. Or one time he mentioned that he knew that she didn’t go straight home yesterday because she turned left instead of right out of the street the company is located on. So how do you know if this is just creepy or would it qualify as harassment?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature directed against another and the conduct affects the individual’s employment, unreasonably interferes with an individual’s work performance, or creates a hostile environment.

It is important that the person to whom these acts are directed should inform the harasser that the acts are unwelcome and must stop.

Lizzie asks…

Is this sexual harassment?

On my bus, there’s this 7th grader who’s just stupid. I hate him, and he’s just, UGH.
But for the past few months he’s been making sexual remarks about me and him. It just grosses me out, and today he said something I don’t want to post, but it made me go home crying. I’ve told him over and over to go away, and today I told him to screw off, and he turned that into a sexual remark. I think this is sexual harassment but I’m not sure, so is it? What should I do about it? I’ve already told my mom and she didn’t say much about it. :/ what a help right?
Thanks for answering.
Sorry wrong category.

adultdatingexpert answers:

Yes it is sexual harassment. Anything that makes you uncomfortable or is unwelcome of a sexual nature is sexual harassment. You should tell someone at your school right away. They will deal with the problem accordingly. It’s unfortunate that your mother won’t help you, you deserve much more than that. Go tell someone at your school, a teacher, a counselor, the principal, anyone in the office, as soon as possible and they will make it stop. If whoever you talk to doesn’t do anything about it, then keep talking to other people at your school until it gets solved. If that doesn’t work, talk to a friend’s parent that you trust and let them know you want this to stop. This is wrong on the boy’s part and he needs to stop.

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Your Questions About Adult Children Of Alcoholics

Susan asks…

. How important in a child’s development is it for them to be raised in the most affirming and positive enviro?

what 5 question can i ask a grandparent about…
How important in a child’s development is it for them to be raised in the most affirming and positive environment to them?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Well yes I think it is very important for a child to be raised in a positive environment. But these days, children are being raised in very affirming environments where ‘no-one loses’, ‘everyone gets a prize’, ‘you’re not allowed to fail’, etc.
Children need to know that in life, sometimes your best effort won’t get your first. They need to learn how to handle disappointment and not getting their own way all the time. They need to learn that you don’t win every time. Otherwise they’re going to be disillusioned when they make their own way into the world as yound adults.
But as far as being raised in a positive environment, a child needs a happy and positive home. I was raised in a house with a negative alcoholic father and it is only now as an adult with my own children in my mid 30′s, that I finally have faced my demons and beome a happier more positive person.

John asks…

Can abuse from childhood affect you in your adult life? How, in what ways?

im in my 30′s im finally admitting that I do not deal with certain issues like an adult.really if I dont change I can self destruct and be only halfway living or….. I dunno. im usually running or hiding but now im tired of it and want to live. what do I do?

adultdatingexpert answers:

In response to your exact question, “can abuse from childhood…..”. YES, it not only can, it does. My father was abused as a child, and also joined the military and went into the Vietnam War to get away from the abuse(a whole ball of crazy wrapped into one person), and he became an alcoholic, and really just lived an unfruitful life. I grew up in a very dysfunctional home, and I know that a bad childhood can affect you adversely in adulthood. I know this seems like the obvious answer, but maybe you can go and talk to an objective party (a psychologist or qualified therapist) that can help you through this. I know that often times we all need someone to talk to that is not going to pass judgement, so maybe you should see someone who can help you confront what you’re dealing with. I wish you the best.

George asks…

How do you go about getting help for a “in denial alcoholic”?

There are small children in the home and it can be very hostile – a lot of yelling. Can the children be taken from the home by an agency? I can’t report this because it is a family member, but on the other hand I feel I should, since there is possible jeopardy involved. Talking does no good – everytime the conversation is turned around to deflect the truth.

adultdatingexpert answers:

Yes you should report this to the dept of family and children’s service in your area they will get involved and the kid probably wont get taken but they will be monitored . Do call them living with a drunk hurts the kids mentally and it can live with them thru there adult life making there lives hell

Maria asks…

What California law allows parents to serve their children alcohol for religious rituals?

There’s a statute somewhere on this website:
It provides for parents to serve their children alcohol for religious rituals.
I’m writing an essay on religious freedom, and would like the statute number (and link to the page) to use as reference. I’ve found it before but can’t find it now.

adultdatingexpert answers:

There is none. California Business and Professions code 25658 provides the following:

“Every person who sells, furnishes, gives, or causes to be sold, furnished,
or given away, any alcoholic beverage to any person under the age of
21 years is guilty of a misdemeanor.”

The only “exceptions” to this law deal with possession, not consumption. There are three of them and they are found in BP 25662. One is for law enforcement to send decoys in to buy alcohol, another is for possession by an employee (like a waitress) and the last one is to deliver it to a parent or responsible adult relative.

But there are no statutory exceptions for consumption for religious purposes.

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Your Questions About Sexuality

Linda asks…

Can hormones change your sexuality ?

I’m a teen, and my hormones are fluctuating like crazy, to the point where my doctors are concerned. I was born female but I always had this notion that I should be a boy but I always suppressed that. Now I’m out as a trans guy to my family but I still identify as female :/ for the sake of their emotions. So it’s hard to be specific on what gender I am. Bear with me. Ok. So I began life living as a heterosexual, appearently. Then when I got into high school I realized I liked girls. I had crushes on guys before so I don’t know how this gay thing came up. But then all of the sudden I felt completely unattracted to guys. So I just simply settled for being a lesbian. Then as I got older I realized that I really needed to be a man. I had been suppressing these feelings for a long time and I just.. Burst. So now I identify as a trans guy (on and off– it’s complicated) but I feel like I’m a male. And so I settled for thinking of myself as a straight guy, but I still identify as a lesbian to everyone who knows me. And well recently I’ve been having these gay fantasies (about men). I’ve actually fantasized about homosexuals for a very long time. Like since the sixth grade. Never thought I would ever be apart of the LGBT community. But anyway, these gay fantasies were reawakened. And now I’m not completely unattracted to men anymore, I actually long for a male partner. Idk. Apart of me feels like I’m lusting for a man because I really really want to be one. But then I think of myself in the future and if I’d be comfortable with dating a guy. OHMYGOD this is so freakin weird to talk about, I know it’s hard to undrrstand. God!! The point is, I’m pretty sure I’m becoming bicurious or Heteroflexible. I want to know what the hell is going on? Can it be my raging teen hormones? Or am I just lusting after men because I want to be one? I still like women. But … I don’t get how sexualities change. Is that normal? For sexualities to fluctuate?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Sexuality can fluctuate especially when your hormones are raging and unstable, I mean when I was young I went between guy crazy and girl crazy so much it was nuts. I tended to stick with dating girls but I had guy crazy periods.

Also once you start testosterone at a later age you’ll find that can alter your sexuality. I mean I started oestrogen at the beginning of this year identifying as lesbian, I now identify as bisexual and to put this in perspective I’m now 20 so my hormones are pretty stable. I know a transguy who started testosterone identifying as straight and is now identifying as gay, cos hormone can flip sexuality or alter it.

William asks…

depression over sexuality?

im 17 and have been depressed the past few years. ive only had two gfs and im highly nervous about how i act or look in front of people. i feel like no one likes me and im out of place or something and lost love for myself. as ive tried to think of an answer to my depression, my sexuality came up. can anyone give me some feedback on any sexuality struggles throughout their past life and relate to what im saying?
i cant bring myself to talk to anyone about the way i feel. i cant liberate myself…how do i do that?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Hey kid,


Your sexuality is not mutable. There is no such thing as a sexuality struggle — the struggle is to accept or not accept yourself. There are powerful forces in the society that tell you not to accept yourself if you are other than straight — but they are wrong.

So, it really depends on what you mean by your sexuality came up.

Actions do not equal sexuality:

So, having sex with women, and even more, having girlfriends does not make ANY man straight;

Having sex with men on the other hand, does not make ANY man gay.

It’s feelings — what actually turns you on? What do you (when you aren’t trying to control yourself to fit into some laughable stereotype) desire sexually. Do you feel love and romance and safety (again, with no coercion on yourself) when you are with females, or would you prefer it with males?

Asking yourself those questions will start the process of bringing you to a point of knowing who you are. There should be no struggle — but when you have fought yourself, or when you are afraid — which you clearly are — there is a process of discovery.

You are wonderful, just as you are! You are worthy of being loved — by whichever gender is natural for you to like. You are special and unique in the world! I am sorry that you are depressed. I hope you will feel better soon.

My email is in my profile if you wish to talk to someone who will listen, and will never judge you, but just try to be there for you.

Kindest thoughts.

Blessed be,


Jenny asks…

question about mu sexuality?

i know for a fact i like guys cuz i haad a bf, but i think iam crushing on my female friend, but i cant be sure, how do u know wat sexuality u r? i dont know for sure if i am stait or bi please help!

adultdatingexpert answers:

Sexuality is more of a continuum– statistically, very few people are absolutely heterosexual, absolutely homosexual, or absolutely right in the middle, and most people are not the same number all their lives. People change, people experiment.

Something called the Kinsey Scale can help you gauge where you are on that continuum. I’ve linked to some resources on it.

Ken asks…

Sexuality and the sign of Cancer?

Is Cancer a very sexual sign? How is sexuality expressed through the sign of Cancer?
I feel like there’s a very primal kind of sexuality tied to this sign, but I rarely see this discussed. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and is therefore associated with nourishment through a variety of means. The Moon is of course linked to the Mother, an archetype that can be argued to inherently imply sexuality by its very nature.

Any insights?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Firstly, we have to acknowledge that Cancer is just one of 12 signs. And that every human being is a combination of all 12 signs, houses and 9 planets in a unique formula expressed succinctly in a birth chart.

Now, Cancer is the sign of the Moon – and the Moon controls the mind. The mind is where we hold our desires. Therefore the sign of cancer has many many emotional desires. However Cancer is the 4th sign, making it akin to the 4th house – a place of privacy. Therefore Cancer is very private and protective about its emotional desires. Cancer is not typically the type of sign walking around in fishnets and advertising her cleavage. Of course as I said every human being has a unique birthchart, but we are talking about Cancer achetypically and abstractly as a sign.

As you note, the sexuality of Cancer therefore has a somewhat wholesome or private feeling to it – similar to the benevolence of a mother. Cancer is a very juicy and voluptuous sign with lots of curves and it is the sign connected to the breasts – which are of course very “sexy” being intrinsically connected to child-rearing and thus, biologically to sexuality.

In the 8th house / sign from Cancer is Aquarius, ruled by Saturn. This is another indication that Cancers do not advertise their sexuality, but keep it rather sacred and special and thus even more desirable than the easy pickins.

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Your Questions About Adults

Ken asks…

tired of adults?

who here is tired of adults that think they are so much better than teens. i know i am

adultdatingexpert answers:

Yes, many adults think they are better than teens. It’s wrong. You can relate to teens on a personal level and learn from each other. Much of what teens know, many adults forget. Teens have passion, and strong feelings about what is right and wrong. Too many adults become cynical and jaded about life. Your question is valid, I think, and more adults should read it. Thank you.

Sharon asks…

What’s an adult size?

I always see people about their weight and sizes and they say something like: “And in adult size, I’m a ….”

What is that? An adult size? And what’s the difference with adult and junior sizes?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Junior/Adult sizes are the same. Jean sizes are 0, 2 , 4, 6 ,8 , etc…
Kid jeans sizes are like 8, 10, 12, 14, 16. A 16 jean size in kids is pretty equivalent to a
0 in adult/juniors.
And the shirts for kids and adults are the same but obviously different sizes.
For example, a small adult shirt can be equal to a large kid shirt, see what im saying ? (;

Linda asks…

safeguarding vulnerable adults legislation?

Is there any actual legislation for safeguarding vulnerable adults?
i’m in the UK,
Thx :)

adultdatingexpert answers:

The idea of a vulnerable adult is a little vague. Are you concerned with mentally challenged, handicapped, drug abusers, alcoholics or other.

Do you have an example to which a more suitable answer could be given? Do you want to give an example?

The notion of a vulnerable adult seems to only arise when that person is charged with a crime.

Take for instance the recent events where a young man with a low mental age was coerced into attempting to suicide bomb a restaurant. He in fact managed only to explode the detonator in the toilet, wounding only himself and scaring the life out of the restaurants customers.

Was he guilty of the crime, most definitley, was he capable of planning this event, most likley not, was he coerced, most likley.

The problem comes when you look closley at the history of this individual and the problems he has had growing up. It becomes harder to treat this person as an actual criminal and more of a victim. He is not capable of reasoned thought above that of a 7 year old, he is easily manipulated, and on the whole, pretty stupid. Our concerns are now for this person, how he was so easily controlled. The answers to these questions place this categorize this person as a vulnerable adult. Unfortuatley for all concerned, it is rather too late!

A vulnerable adult will most likley have been a vulnerable infant to begin with. A good home, solid education and firm moral teachings are luxuries of the intelligent and as I have said on other responses, you have to start good to get good. A child who has low intelligence requires greater attention, better guidance. If it is not available to them, what chance do they have.

If you are looking to dig deeper on this subject, then your local police would be happy to discuss the issues and legislation . They would be able to offer information about how a young adult would be treated under certain circumstances and you could offer the example you have on your mind, rather than let everyone here on Answers know.

After all that, have I helped?


Jenny asks…

Adults and teens?

Does anyone know how many teens get in car crashes and how many adult get in car crashs

adultdatingexpert answers:

Adults get into accidents, but that’s only because there are so many more adults in the first place. On average, however, teen are more likely to have an accident, simply because they don’t yet have the experience behind the wheel that the average adult does. Of course, if you don’t let them drive, then they’ll never get that experience – and an adult who is just learning to drive is even more dangerous than a teenager – their reflexes are much slower, and they don’t learn new motor skills as quickly.

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Your Questions About Sexting

William asks…


I saw a show on MTV a while back this kid was caught sexting and had to register as a sex offender and go to therapy as would a sex offenders with other sex offenders. So he’s in therapy with rapist and child molesters. Do you think this is right?

adultdatingexpert answers:

I’m sure there are more details to this story than your question includes but…

1. If he was a minor sexting other minors, than no. He’s stupid, but doesn’t belong in the same category with true sex offenders.

2. If he was an adult sexting minors, then yes. He is a potential threat to others and should have to register and attend therapy.

The exception might be if he was a very young adult sexting a minor that was not much younger. For instance, an 18 year old sexting a 16 or 17 year old is an idiot, but not necessarily a pedophile. In that case I think a swift kick in the head by someone close to him might knock some sense into him, but he shouldn’t have to register as a sex offender for life.

Keep in mind that my answer is only an opinion of how it SHOULD be. The reality of the legal system is that it is not always reasonable or fair. Some laws are far too strict and punishments are ridiculously severe for minor crimes. And in other cases, dangerous criminals get off far too easy for very serious offenses!

Helen asks…

Is this considered sexting?

so im confused about what “sexting” actually is.
is it sending revealing photos of yourself or someone else around?
or is it texting like…texting someone riskay and dirty words?
**could you please give me an example of something that would be considered sexting?

my guy friend and i were joking around and said some dirty stuff, and when i told my friend, she told me that it was sexting.

also, im a 14 year old girl. could i get in trouble for doing that…?
oh, i know, i would never actually send nasty pictures of myself. a guy asked me to one time, but let’s just say i haven’t talked to him since. haha

adultdatingexpert answers:

Sexting is words and pictures.
Speaking sexually to a person over text msg is sexting.
Sending revealing photos of yourself via your phone is also sexting.

The written word will only get you in trouble with your family and maybe your friends.
Pictures, at your age, will get you and him in trouble with the law.

Do NOT send anyone anything that you would not want being displayed on a billboard at a family reunion. Be safe. Be wise. Make good choices.

George asks…

Would it be considered sexting?

If you don’t show nudity just like you in underwear. or even asking for pics but not getting them illegal?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Sexting is the same concept as ‘internet sex’ just with the use of a cell phone. Whether they are fully naked, partially naked, or you don’t have a picture at all, if there is sexual conversation during which masturbation is taking place, this is sexting.

Hope this helps! God Bless!

Donna asks…

whats considered “sexting”?

like what if its a picture of someones butt… like showing a cut they got..
just wondering.. age matters also?
what if both ppl are 18, and the picture is of an injury the other person caused, but like of ones buttcheek only…..

adultdatingexpert answers:

“Sexting,” is the act of sending a sexually explicit photo/video message via your cell phone.

And any nudity involved, no matter what your intent, would be considered sexting and no matter what your age.

However, when it involves those who are underage, child pornography laws come into the picture. It’s fast becoming a risky thing to do these days.

Edit…if your of legal age what you do with your cell phone is pretty much your own business, just make sure the behavior does not in any way involve a minor.

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Your Questions About Adulthood

Mary asks…

How can adoption affect girls when they reach adulthood?

How does adoption and being placed in foster care affect girls once they reach adulthood, in terms of their personality, behaviour and how they view th world?

adultdatingexpert answers:

My bdaughter has low self esteem. She has never felt like she belonged and even though we have been in reunion for 10 yrs, she still feels this way.

Robert asks…

What are some of the factors that affect social development in adulthood? What is a midlife transition?

What are some of the factors that affect social development in adulthood? What is a midlife transition?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Im guessing social development in adults could be effected by mental illnesses such as depression or addiction and paranoia. To me, to develop yourself as an adult, u have to socialise with others, by attend courses, groups, seeing your friends etc as you are always learning and developing when you have new situations or talking to your peers. If u suffer with depression, addiction or paranoia, to name a few, in my experience, you tend to shut the world away so therefore becoming a recluse.

Ruth asks…

What should the age of legal adulthood be?

Please don’t say 18, which is still a baby in society. I think a person is truly grown when the brain is finished developing at 25.That’s when the brain reaches adult level and society would be better if people did things when their brain are prepared for things.People rushed to adulthood in the past and did things when their brains weren’t developed so they messed up society. I feel like the age for adulthood should be 25 or 30. Since the life expectancy is increasing, it wouldn’t be bad.

adultdatingexpert answers:

Legal is 21

Michael asks…

Does adulthood come with the burden of figuring out what to do with life?

It seems as though I have been existentially frustrated by the thoughts and I’m still only a teenager.

I can barely handle the absurdity of it all now, how am I ever going to survive the pangs of adulthood if that is what it begets?

I will be surprised to have lived through the thoughts of suicide past 18 years.

adultdatingexpert answers:

Yes, and goes with figuring out what it was all about. Existentially frustrated…pangs of adulthood….thoughts of suicide: you are alive.

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Your Questions About Sexy And I Know It Lyrics

Michael asks…

What are some country song quotes i can put on wedding invitations?

I don’t want the little poem i really want lyrics that sort of invite people to see our love as it is truly combined im willing to consider any artist but i prefer country for sure.

adultdatingexpert answers:

“The devil went down to Georgia cuz he was looking for a soul to steal”
“Another supper from a sack. A 99 cent heart attack.”
“My give a damn’s busted.”
“Don’t break my heart. My achy breaky heart.”
“You got to know when to hold ‘em. Know when to fold ‘em.”
“She thinks my tractor’s sexy.”

James asks…

What is a really good song with tons of figurative language in it?

I am doing a lyrics presentation and i would like a really good song with lots of figurative language in it !!! All answers a very much appreciated!!!!!!

adultdatingexpert answers:

Gatekeeper by Feist – personification

While My Guitar Gently Weeps by the Beatles – personification

Happiness is a Warm Gun by the Beatles – metaphor

Piggies by the Beatles – metaphor, I think.

Eight days a Week by the Beatles – hyperbole

Now that I think about it a lot of Beatles songs have imagery

Music is my Hot Hot Sex by CSS – not sure if you can use it for school but definitely has similes. Maybe an edited version?

Dani California, She’s Only 18, Slow Cheetah by Red Hot Chilli Peppers – maybe imagery?

Here I Dreamt I was an Architect by the Decemberists – imagery, I think

Mt. Washington by Emily Wells – simile (like bleeding lips) and whatever “my time is floating away” is.

Love Story by Taylor Swift – “you were my Romeo”

Take a Bow by Rihanna maybe because the metaphor, like their relationship was a play and he was an actor.

Are any of these good or should I look some more?

Ruth asks…

How did Morning Musume go from cute crushes to “sexy princess”? Personally i love them, but…?

i love the fact that their songs are so upbeat, but the lyrics are a bit rated R, dont you think? I glad i dont understand the lyrics half the time. who writes the lyrics? it cant possibly the girls, because they arent even allowed to date while being a part of momusu. momusu is my favorite band, if you are wondering.

adultdatingexpert answers:

Well first of all, Morning Musume has always been a group that undergoes a lot of changes all the time. When they started back in 1997, their lyrics were also a bit mature. Their songs started getting more upbeat after “Love Machine” in 1999. They started getting “silly/cute” around 2000 and they got super cute/girly in 2003. Since 2007 (and a few previous singles) their songs started getting a bit more mature.. And all their singles this year are much more mature, talking about break up and these kinds of themes.

And I know that Kimagure Princess talks about butts and chests, but I don’t think it’s that bad. Maybe you saw the translation where they use “breast/boobs” and “a*s s” instead of “chest” or “butt”.. I don’t think the lyrics are such a big deal. But that’s just my opinion. I mean in “Love Machine” they open by singing, “This is a waste on you. I’ve got a really nice body” (while almost lifting their breast)

And they have so many songs where they talk about being sexy and stuff, that’s nothing new.

As for who writes the lyrics.. It’s always been Tsunku. He is their producer and the creater of Morning Musume. So he’s the genius behind their greatest hits and sometimes the not so great ones, but it’s all him. If you don’t know who Tsunku is, you are missing one huge part of who Momusu are.

Susan asks…

In my opinion Liberal/Progressive Women are sexier than Conservative Women?

In my opinion Liberal/Progressive Women are sexier than Conservative Women because Liberal/Progressive Women have more compassion for other Human Beings and support Trade/Labor Unions support Worker’s rights and care about the poor and the homeless and support Progressive Taxation. Conservative Women care about the Rich/Wealthy and lack compassion and support tax cuts/breaks for the Rich/Wealthy. I would never date/marry a Conservative Woman who here agrees with me ?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Look in the real world.
Decode this lyrics ” You’ll see ”
“Wonderful world”
“Don’t know much”
“Woman liberation?
Loose woman?
Who is the more likely to be the leper in time?
Not casualty of woman liberation?
Luke 21.30-36
Luke 9.25,55-56,60
Luke 8.5-8,10-17
Luke 4.4
Luke 9.27
Exodus 20.5
Genesis 11.1,3-9
Revelation 16.14
Luke 24.44-45,47-48
Luke 6.39-40,41-45,46-49
John 7.19
Revelation 22.13-17
Revelation 21.1-7
What do you think?

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Your Questions About Adult Add

Chris asks…

How can you tell if you are taking too strong a dose of Concerta?

Diganosed with adult ADD. Starting taking Concerta and it was a revelation. However, doc upgraded my dosage to triple the original amount. Seem to be having headaches, an occasional case of the “the shakes” and a loss of apetite. Documented examples of overdosing on Concerta really don’t point to these elements. Some other side effect, perhaps?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Yes, it is entirely possible that what you are experiencing are side effects of Concerta. Psychiatric medications effect different people differently. Talk to your doctor as soon as you can about this. In the meantime, you can consider just decreasing the dosage yourself by cutting the pills in smaller pieces. Remember to inform your doctor about everything you decide to do with your medication.

Laura asks…

Is it normal for Wellbutrin to take several hours to kick in?

Hi. I take Wellbutrin 300 XL for Adult ADD, and I always take my pill while getting ready in the morning – around 7 am. However, I am always spacy and foggy until 10 am. Should I take the WB at night? Thank you for your help!

adultdatingexpert answers:

I take Wellbutrin 300mg a day and I really do not notice any difference in concentration and I still feel foggy in the mind and very low energy at times.

Adderall is the medicine you need if your foggy minded and/or have add. I took 1 pill once and I felt like I could accomplish anything and had a good level of energy.

Mark asks…

What kind of hobbies can I introduce to my 48 year old mother to keep her busy?

My mother suffers from manic depression and adult ADD.

She used to do scrap booking and I saw a huge difference in her personality during that time. I think it is due to the concentration on one task that keeps her from thinking so much on other “problems” she creates in her life.

Any ideas for hobbies for a woman 48 years old? She is done with scrap booking because she basically did everything she could do with all our family pictures, and honestly, I think she got bored with it.

adultdatingexpert answers:

I would suggest maybe joining a gym. I worked at a gym for four years and it was a great place to socially connect with others that live around your town. I am on depression medication and exercising and socializing is great to help treat it. I always feel better after I work out. It’s kinda a two for one deal.

Susan asks…

Can a Phycologist prescribe a phyciatry medicines ?

I need to go to Doc for Adult ADD, I don’t get appointments for Psychiatry, so i am thinking to go to Phycologist. Can he prescribe the medicines or they are just for the Counseling ?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Some psychologists are licensed to prescribe certain kinds of medications, but they have to work under a psychiatrist. You just need to check this out before you make the appointment, the people at the office can answer your questions.

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Your Questions About Sex Offenders

Paul asks…

Sex offenders required to physically register in each state?

Law is being put on the table that requires sex offenders to physically show up at a police station in all 50 states once a year to register their addresses. This will be at the sex offenders expense.

C’mon… That will be a full time job the will most certainly make ALL sex offenders non compliant.

What is your take on this?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Yeah I agree. The whole sex offender system is completely based on fear and actually very ineffective. Theykeep trying to find new ways to make it better. Even those websites don’t do any good because they don’t give the right details. A guy whose peed in the woods, if someone saw him, he could be charged as a sex offender- theres just a lot of bias and a lot of misspent money in the system. I could write an essay. I mean I know something has to be done to protect people, but the RIGHT thing.

Nancy asks…

What rights does a sex offender have to his children?

Can somebody give me a list of rights a sex offender has over his children? Can they just sign their rights over to whoever they want or does the other parent get full rights if the father, in this case signs his rights over? Does he get visitation whenever he wants and can he have the child over night? I’m kind of going through a situation like this an I’m just trying to figure things out. My ex says he would be able to have visitation any time he wants and I will have to let our child visit whenever he wants and on his terms. I’m just looking to see if it will be okay for him to have our child over night, with someone else there also. I’m pregnant right now and I’m about 13 weeks along. I’ve looked on the internet for a list of rights and other things, but haven’t really found anything, so any help would be appreciated, thanks!
@ Danny Ryan
Sorry, I wasn’t expecting to be criticized over the fact that I didn’t make multiple paragraphs over this. Also, I’m not asking whether he should have rights or not, I’m asking what legal rights he does have. Thanks.

adultdatingexpert answers:

The court would more than likely refer your case for review by Children’s Protective Services to investigate and recommend the the terms of relationship with the father. Be aware that the dynamics of child abuse are such that just because a person is a registered offender doesn’t mean he molests children. Abusers who molest children often do not abuse their own children. It is too complex to give you a straight answer with such limited information, but your situation will have to be studied by the court to determine the safety of the child. Sex offenders do often have full rights to their children.

Sandy asks…

What is the likelyhood of a sex offender who has not registered his address and left the state being arreseted

He is legally obligated to be registered as a sex offender.I know that someone reported him for leaving his state of residence without prior notice and he has been living in a different state for over a month.He was reported last week.He lived in Florida and now rersides in NY…Illegally! Just wondering what the likelihood of the authorities that were notified actually going and getting him and how long may it take?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Being a sex offender probation officer in Ohio, its a minimum one year sentence automatically if they fail to keep there information updated or not report in. And the amount of time can be extended by the Judge if there are other violations.

Linda asks…

Can a ex sex offender work within a thousand feet of a school?

My fiance wants to move in with me but she is an ex sex offender, from many years ago. I was wondering if she can WORK within a thousand feet of a school. I know where I live is not within a thousand feet of a school, but where she would be transfered to work is. I was only wondering if she could work within a thousand feet of a school, she is not on prohbation anymore.

adultdatingexpert answers:

She would need to see what the law is and was her registry conditions are for living near schools..most sex offenders cannot be around schools..

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Your Questions About Adult Acne

Michael asks…

persistent adult acne?

I’m 22 and still dealing with acne. It’s only on the face. It is not cystic; in fact, much of my acne is either blackheads or what I’m guessing is rosacea (red spots without a raised pimple).

I have tried many different products and regimes. I did see a dermatologist about 5 years ago; I was prescribed Retinal, which did not help, and the doctor got mad when I asked to be changed to a different medication and refused to see me.

I have since tried OTC products & birth control. I’ve tried ProActive, which didn’t help at all. I’ve tried L’Oreal and Oxy. I’ve had the most success with 2% salicylic acid (Clean n Clear astringent) and a 10% Benzoyl Peroxide cream (also Clean n Clear). While the acne has greatly improved, it’s still here and making me feel self-conscious.

Is there anything else, either regime-wise or product-wise, that I can try before making an appointment with a dermatologist?
I forgot to mention: I wash my face with cool water twice a day, pat it dry, then apply either a thin layer of the salicylic acid or a thin layer of the benzoyl peroxide over my face.

adultdatingexpert answers:

Acne is something that can effective the young and the old. It doesn’t discriminate based on age, although most times acne attacks adolescents more so than people in their 30’s, 40’s, and so on. But no matter how old you are, there are always ways of treating and even curing acne. However, don’t expect one miracle cure your first time around. Chances are that if you have more than just the occasional pimple, it’s something that’s going to take time and money and a mix of medications.

One way of treating acne is by taking oral anti-biotic pills. By taking these pills, you are destroying the bacteria that feeds inside you causing acne. The most popular anti-biotics people take to relieve acne are Erythromycin, Oxytetracycline and Doxycycline. There are other factors however, such as clogged up pores and oily build-up, which taking antibiotics does not take care of. That is why it’s said that a mix of remedies will most likely be used in order to find an effective way of dealing with the acne build-up.

There are also natural treatments you can use, if pills make you uncomfortable. This type of treatment is best used with people who’s acne isn’t very severe. The natural way is quite simple. You can start by eating a balanced diet with plenty of proteins and nutrients, as well as oils that will target bacteria and clogged pores. Drinking a lot of water everyday will also help to cleanse your system and defeat oily build-up on your skin. Avoid drinking soda or anything with a high amount of acid. Foods you should learn to avoid include chocolate, coffee, and milk/dairy products.

Topical treatments are another way of dealing with acne. You can only get them by going to your dermatologist and getting them prescribed. How they work is they unclog pours and counter-act bacteria that comes into your system. Topical antibiotics include Clindamycin, Erythromycin and Sodium sulfacetamide.

Another way of dealing with acne is by getting exfoliating agents. They take care of dead skin cells and open up your pores so they are able to breathe and be healthy, reducing the amount of acne that occurs. You can get these agents from over the counter and apply them by wiping them on a wash cloth and rinsing thoroughly. There will be detailed instructions you will need to follow in order to achieve ideal results.

Each individual type of treating acne requires patience and experimenting. Rarely do people find their miracle cure the first time around, so you should be prepared to have to go back and forth between methods of combating acne. Look into more methods of treating acne and talk to a dermatologist who can suggest what’s right for you personally.

George asks…

What is the best cosmetics for oily skin and adult acne?

I have never had breakouts until the last year or so. My face is oily and the pores on my cheeks and chin are large. I need to know the best cleansing products and makeup. I have heard it is best to use products from the same line. It is horrible. I have blackheads. I never had one zit as a teen and now I am a mess.

adultdatingexpert answers:

Hi there. I started having adult acne last year although throughout my teens, I had small acne (more like whiteheads, tiny pimples). First of all, if you have the medical insurance, go see your dermatologist and discuss the proper methods on how to deal with your acne. He or she can help determine what level of acne you have (mild, moderate or severe). Usually adult acne is formed because of hormones. It’s best to avoid foods or drinks that can affect your hormones and make it worse. Second, if you can’t afford a dermatologist, try to use one of the three acne solvers: 1) Proactive Solution: I use this because it has really cleared up my skin and made me happy BUT it can be very strong and can dry out your skin if you don’t use it moderately (start using twice a day and then go down to once a day if you need to). Proactive is expensive but worth trying. Proactive has their own skin cosmetics line too, designed to go with their products. 2)Neutrogena: you can buy this at any drugstore. It’s fairly reasonably priced and a few of my friends say they like the Oil Free-Acne Wash. Like Proactive, Neutrogena also has cosmetics that help for your skin…use the water based ones only, oil free and they also have a mineral powder that is good for your skin. 3) Go simple and use whatever you think is best: sometimes all you need is a good oily skin routine: I have tried Kiehls, they have great skin care line for oily skin: The Foaming,Non-Detergent Wash for your face, The Calendula Toner with no Alcohol, and the Sodium PCA Moisturizer. It’s expensive but worth it.
Or, just simply use Cetaphil, with a light toner and a good moisturizer with SPF. If you use any acne products, you need to use a SPF moisturizer because sun is not good for your acne and the chemicals you may be using.
Everyone’s skin is different so you may want to test a few products out to see if they work for you. Also, if you do this, don’t test it for only a few days…try a week or two to test for results. Then if it does not work, you need to wait a week or two before trying something else (don’t use anything at this time your skin needs to heal and recover).
Get plently of exercise and drink lots of water, take Vitamin C and eat a healthy good diet with low fat foods, fresh veggies, and fruits, lean meats and nuts.
Good luck!Sometimes acne just goes away with time…if not…there is always a way to clear it up. Be patient and don’t get discouraged. :) Do research and try to get samples to avoid paying lots of money for something that may not work.
JUST REMEMBER: what works for others may not work for you but given the right product and condition of your skin, you will find what works best for you!

Robert asks…

acne problems for adults?

what you think about acne problems for adults

adultdatingexpert answers:

To prevent adult acne proper nourishment for the skin is essential. This nourishment comes from the creams you apply externally and from the food you consume internally. For young teens, acne causes problems when they take fatty food items like cheese. But for adults they don’t play an important role in the cause. However, taking balanced diet is essential for maintaining nourishment for the skin. The skin has to be cleansed properly with a branded face wash and should be moisturized regularly to prevent cracks in the skin.

Acne treatments for adults are different from treatments for teens. The same treatment you took in your teenage will not work for your adult acne. Teen acne requires mild ointments and gels while they will never cure adult acne. Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are effective in curing adult acne. While you are buying a product for adult acne, make sure that the product contains these chemicals for curing acne. These creams are not generally sufficient for curing acne in adults. Gels and creams can do well only with teen acne. For adults, intensive treatments are required.

You can also visit this website contains all the information about acne treatment and much more information

Sandra asks…

Which is worse? Teen acne or Adult acne?

Which is worse? Having acne as a teen or having acne as an adult?

adultdatingexpert answers:

It’s normal for Teen’s to get acne since they’re going through puberty and all those hormones are coming into play. It’s completely normal for acne to come into the picture. But for adults, it’s not so normal. It’s a lot more embarrassing too since it’s not normal.

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