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Your Questions About Sexual Harassment

Linda asks…

Is this considered sexual harassment – please advise.?

I am feeling very crappy today because of some incident’s that have happened at work lately. I work in a respectable work environment with respectable people. The problem I have had is with the gate guard that works here. We are supposed to slow down when we cross the guard so he can log us in. The guard has been around for the past year or so and he used to pass comments on my looks occasionally….and I just ignored them thinking that he probably says this kind of stuff to everyone. Yesterday I think he crossed the limits… he stopped me and asked me if he annoys me because there is a very thin line between sexual harassment and normal talk and he told me that the I am very beautiful and the only reason he comes to work is to see me and my lovely smile. In the past he has passed casual remarks about my looks… which I completely ignored…. and now I feel I should have taken some action then and told him not to bother me again by stopping me. I am a respectable women with a loving husband and a beautiful 20 month old son and I don’t need this kind of stuff from anyone. Is this considered sexual harassment? Should I report to management and make a big deal out of it… or deal with the situation myself and tell the guard to mind his own business and not to stop or I will complain. The incident makes me feel very uncomfortable going to and from work.
Thanks all for the answers! I will give him a warning and if that does not work. I will report him to management.

adultdatingexpert answers:

The EEOC defines sexual harassment as: “Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute sexual harassment when this conduct explicitly or implicitly affects an individual’s employment, unreasonably interferes with an individual’s work performance, or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment.”

Since this attention is unwelcome, and it is contributing to a hostile work environment, it does fall under this definition. He may not mean anything by it, but if you have been made uncomfortable it is not your fault or problem. Sometimes a person means to be complimentary and just comes off as creepy.

In general the first advisable thing to do is to first tell the guard directly that he has made you uncomfortable, and ask him to stop. You don’t have to be confrontational, but you do want to make your meaning clear.

HOWEVER, if you feel in any way concerned or fearful of his reaction, go to your manager or human resources department immediately for assistance.

David asks…

Is this considered Sexual Harassment?

I need a second opinion about some things my boss says to me. At work we are all very silly with each other. It’s more like a whole bunch of friends working together. But for the last few months my boss has been saying some things im not sure would fall under sexual harassment.

example 1:
“You have a few things going bad for you. Your a hard worker and your attractive.”

example 2:

We were working on a project together and we ran out of something we needed so I told him, he didn’t believe me so he went and looked himself; couldn’t find it either. About 3 minutes later he says “Oh I thought you were trying to get me upstairs alone.”

example 3:
We were walking down the stairs of the stockroom and he fixes my collar. I say “Why’d you do that?” He says “Your collar was messed up. Naaaw, I wanted to touch you.”

Is this sexual harassment????

adultdatingexpert answers:

Is this considered Sexual Harassment?

this is why
“At work we are all very silly with each other. It’s more like a whole bunch of friends working together”
the law does not prohibit simple teasing, offhand comments, or isolated incidents that are not very serious, harassment is illegal when it is so frequent or severe that it creates a hostile or offensive work environment or when it results in an adverse employment decision (such as the victim being fired or demoted).


could the lack of professionalism in the office lead to sexual harassment?
should this manager be more aware of the possibility of being misunderstood?
should the office dynamics be changed to make you feel more comfortable?
if that happens will your coworkers blame you?
Most likely…..

Thomas asks…

Sexual harassment at school?

What would happen if i reported someone for sexual harassment at school. I mean what would the school or principle or w/e do?
Its a student. Under 18.

adultdatingexpert answers:

Sexual harassment at school is against federal law. A school is also required to adopt and publish grievance procedures for resolving sex discrimination complaints, including complaints of sexual harassment. This provides an effective means for promptly and appropriately responding to sexual harassment complaints. What will happen is up to the policy of your school, but it will be addressed and dealt with. Schools don’t want to be in violation of federal laws. They lose funding that way.

You must report this to a school official.

Paul asks…

Is this sexual harassment or not?

My new boss flirts with me a lot and I had thought it was innocent. It was just the occasional “You look great today” type of thing and he has also asked me to lunch a few times which is also innocent since people go to work with their co-workers all of the time. But one day he told me I should wear more low cut blouses because he would appreciate it more. Then the other day he asked me if I wanted to go out with him and I told him no because I was engaged and he claimed that I led him on by letting him take me to lunch. And then he asked me in a joking way if I was willing to have one last fling with him but I didn’t think it was funny though even though he said he was just kidding. Does that count as sexual harassment? If it does what can I do about it? It’s mainly going to be my word against his and he’s been working for them for years whereas I just started a couple of months ago. I’ve heard rumors about women in the past and how that was why he could never keep an assistant but I don’t want to just quit though if he is in fact harassing me.

adultdatingexpert answers:

Sexual Harassment is any comment, touch, picture, or situation in general that is sexually related and makes you uncomfortable. So if you are uncomfortable then yes it is sexual harassment. Your first course of action is to tell him to stop, if the behavior continues then you need to go to your HR department and make a formal complaint. You need to tell them the exact situations and what was said. You also need to tell them that you asked him to stop. Your HR department has a legal responsibility to confront your boss and inform him that his behavior is unacceptable and that it must end.
If the behavior continues you must continue to inform HR each and every time he does something. If no action is taken against your boss and the behavior continues then you have a potential lawsuit. Although, you have to give the employer time to rectify the situation before you can file any sort of suit.
At that point you have three choices. First, you can either quit and file for unemployment and contact an attorney. Second, you can stay employed and file a suit, but I am sure the employer would make it a living hell to work there. Third, you do nothing and just put up with the situation.
Good luck to you.

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Your Questions About Adult Halloween Costume

Lisa asks…

Girl and her dog halloween costume ideas?

I have a Goldendoodle and I am a teenager and I want to do a halloween costume with my puppy. Does anyone have any ideas that we can dress up as together? Thanks so much!

adultdatingexpert answers:

ur dog:

ur dog:

u can mix and match all of these:
ur dog:
ur dog:

or you could pick out an outfit u like
and then get a matching costume for ur dog from here:


Nancy asks…

How do you host a Halloween party on a tight budget?

I am wanting to host an adult Halloween party without breaking the bank. What are some suggestions for decorations, food, etc.? What do you even do at an adult Halloween party? Sadly, I don’t think I have been to an actual party but I do love Halloween and love entertaining so I need some really good, inexpensive ideas!

adultdatingexpert answers:

We have a block adult Halloween party every year with an outdoor fire place, pot luck, and costume contest. Scary sound effects music for background. And lots of outdoor scary music. Bring your own beverage. See website below for ideas.

Michael asks…

Does anyone have any ideas for a homemade Halloween costume for an adult?

I want to make a homemade Halloween costume this year. Does anyone have any ideas? THanks

adultdatingexpert answers:

Take a box big enough to cut a hole in the top for your head and holes in the sides to stick your arms out. Cover it with either birthday or Christmas wrapping paper and stick a bow on your head (or in your hair if you’re a girl) to be a gift.

Wear all brown and attach purple balloons with safety pins (by the ties) to yourself to be a bunch of grapes. Some ideas anyway, have fun!

Laura asks…

What would you say to people who think that halloween is designed for kids only?

Sure, i see people of all ages (kids, teens, and adults) celebrate halloween and wear costumes and have fun.

But what do you think of others who say that “halloween is designed for kids only”

adultdatingexpert answers:

:O you guys shock me!
Halloween started off with adults,
then kids.

I think you guys are just showing off that you are SO grown up!

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Your Questions About Sex And The City 2

Betty asks…

Does ‘Sex And The City 2′ have any nudity in it?

Niece wants to go and see it and just wondering if it contains any nude scenes like those that were present in the first movie. So infomation on either male/female would be useful.

Thank You

adultdatingexpert answers:

SEX and the City… What do you think?

James asks…

online streaming movies sex and the city 2?

anyone know where to find this?

adultdatingexpert answers:

The critics proclaimed SEX IN THE CITY MOVIE was boring

Lisa asks…

appropriatness of sex and the city 2?

I’m trying to decide whether or not to let my 16 year old sister see sex and the city 2. what are the innappopriate parts? is there any thing as bad as the first one like when you see the guy’s thing? thanks!

adultdatingexpert answers:

Your sister has already seen a penis, I’m sure (‘thing’? What are you, 16?). There are reasons much better than the human body to let sex and the city pass your sister by.

Joseph asks…

Who has seen Sex and The City 2?

Have you seen it and what did you think?
Or are you planning on watching it?

adultdatingexpert answers:

I am a HUGE fan of Sex and the City and was so excited to see this movie. I had been looking forward to it since i heard it was in production. I had heard bad reviews but was trying to ignore them because I really wanted to like it….I unfortunately HATED it! The plot was just awful. There was never a point in the movie where I just had to find out what was going to happen next. Wait until it comes out on DVD that way you can stop it if you want to and not pay $10 to see it in the theater!

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Your Questions About Adult Add

David asks…

How do I keep my mind on studying?

My mind wonders and I am having a hard time concentrating. I think I may have a little bit of Adult ADD. I have anxiety and depression. I do not know if these are contributing factors.

This is an important test which can change my life but for some reason I am having trouble concentrating.

Any suggestions or advice would be great.


adultdatingexpert answers:

Anxiety and/or depression often co-exist with ADD. Being anxious or depressed will hinder concentration even without ADD, but they often are also demonstrated due to what ADD really is.
Why not talk to a dr about it?

Carol asks…

I am horrible at time management! What are some good ways to focus and keep on task?

I’m terrible, always forgetting things and procrastinating! What are some good tricks to stay organized and focused? I am really starting to wonder if I have Adult ADD.

adultdatingexpert answers:

Managing your time and using it wisely is a journey, and not something that can be easily mastered overnight. Implementing a plan will help, but it is not going to be a sure cure. Time management requires a significant amount of self-discipline.

This article contains some great no-nonsense tips for increasing your productivity and effectively managing your time:

Michael asks…

Is it true Ritalin is chemically similar to cocaine and Adderall is chemically similar to methamphetamine?

I currently take Adderall for ADD (it works well for my symptoms) and am slightly curious/concerned. I used to take Ritalin and it didn’t work as well. I take it for adult ADD (I am 35 years old). Tried Strattera as well, and it was ineffective.

adultdatingexpert answers:

Yes it is chemically similar, but that doesn’t mean you are a meth addict because you take it. I took a similar drug for several years with no negative real negative side effects but switched to a non-stimulant just because I wasn’t a big fan of the idea either. If you are really concerned, you can talk to your doctor about other options. There are some medications for ADD/ADHD that are not stimulants, but like you said, they can possibly be less effective depending on the person taking them. Your best bet would be to do a little research on the topic and then go to your doctor with what you find and have them help you get a better idea of what it all means.

Mary asks…

Is there a way to treat ADD in Adults without Medication?

I have recently been diagnosed with Adult ADD. Is there a way to treat it without drugs?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Alternative solutions for ADD and ADHD including being proactive and taking initiative to find the best possible treatment plan. Be positive. Here are a few tips.

Tips for you as an ADD Adult:

Set aside a few minutes each night to schedule the following day’s events
Organize needed everyday items so you know where things are
Use diaries and notebook organizers
Don’t be too hard on yourself or set unrealistic goals

Activities to Pursue:

While there is no single activity that guarantees teens with ADD instant success, certain types of activities tend to reap more positive results.
Look for activities with a singular focus, such as sports that center attention
Consider activities that involve movement, providing an appropriate and controlled physical outlet
Learn to play a musical instrument
Seek activities that offer individualized instruction
Explore activities that result in tangible rewards

While there is a place for prescription medication in certain cases of ADD, careful consideration should be taken regarding possible side effects and cautions.

There are also alternative solutions for ADD and ADHD available. Making simple changes in diet, sleep, exercise, and routine can help. Even trying more involved approaches like incorporating relaxation therapies such as guided imagery, meditation techniques, or yoga can be beneficial.

There are also many herbal and homeopathic remedies which can help maintain harmony, health, and systemic balance in the brain and nervous system, without side effects or sedation. These products are known for their supportive function in maintaining brain, nervous system and circulatory health, and well-being.

You may get more info here

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Your Questions About Sexuality

Mark asks…

Question about my sexuality?

Alright, this might be a weird question but here it goes:

I love women and everything about them. I’m not attracted to men, I know that. But for some reason when I see gay porn I SOMETIMES get turned on. Most times I get turned off, though.

I’ve masturbated to gay porn twice in my life but I’m still not attracted to men, physically or emotionally. Weird but yeah..

What is my sexuality?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Don’t worry, I do too. Not gay porn… But gay guys kissing. I’m not in anyway attracted to men, but I do find gay guys quite hot. Straight kissing does nothing to me, I don’t get turned on at all.
I’m guessing you get turned on my lesbian porn too? If not, then I would start re questioning your sexuality. But otherwise, don’t worry about it. It could mean you’re bi, but I think gay guys are hot, and I am in no way attracted to men. The thought… Eurgh.
Don’t worry about it :D

Laura asks…

Will my sexuality change over time?

I consider myself a bisexual girl and have for 4 to 5 years now. I have dated and hooked up with men and women. Currently I am in a long term relationship with a man. He treats me great and I love him and he loves me. There is one small issue that comes up once every couple months. He is convinced that my attraction to both men and women is a phase. He believes that when I am going to look back at myself when I am older and not recognize who I once was.

This may not seem like a big deal to you but it kind of annoys me. I am sure that we were not together, I would pursue both men and women. Actually, if we were to break up I think I would rather date a pretty woman than a man. My question is do you think that he is right? Does sexuality change over time?

I would rather masturbate (sorry for TMI) to lesbian porn than straight porn and since I was fairly young I had fantasies about girls in my class. This is why I am certain it will not change. It is not some “phase” as he would like to believe.

Please don’t be rude either. He is a nice guy and has nothing against homosexuals or the likes. He just does not believe I find women attractive. Also sorry for the length of this question.

adultdatingexpert answers:

Your sexuality may very well change over time. It probably won’t, but it might. Perhaps the next time this guy suggests that it will change, you can ask him if it happened with him, insinuating that he might have been interested in guys at some point. Why else would he think sexuality changes? Or maybe he thinks he might be interested in guys at some point in the future. Maybe you’ll either find out something interesting, or he’ll realize how silly his thinking of changing sexuality might seem to you.

John asks…

How can I know my sexuality?

I need help.
I thought I was straight being a little girl up until I was 12 years old then I knew there was something different, It wasn’t until I was 13 that I started letting people know I was bisexual. Its been a little under 3 years since then and I feel less and less feelings toured guys, to be honest I haven’t “liked” or dated a guy for years that I actually truly have feelings for. But I need to know how do you know your sexuality? And find it out?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Well, your sexuality is something that only you know. I mean, I like guys, but I find some girls attractive. But I know that I’m gay because I know what it is that I find attractive about females and what I don’t. And I know that no matter how well a girl and I may get along, I would still rather….well, “be with” a guy. Ha. Besides, you’re sixteen, you don’t have to be sure right now. But I know you’ve probably heard that before, and I’m only nineteen so what do I know, right? Ha. Anyway, just do what feels right, you don’t have to label yourself, you are you, you like what you are suppose to, and you are perfect how you are, you like a guy, date him, you like a girl, date her, when you can honestly know what it is you like about a person, male or female, and know if it is something only men have or only women have, (may it be sexual or not) then you will know your sexuality. But the world isn’t going to end tomorrow, darlin, you’re young, have fun, make mistakes, and give ‘em hell. Ha. :P

Hope I helped. :)

Donna asks…

what is my sexuality considered?

i know for a fact that i LOVE guys. sexually and emotionally. in fact, i am engaged to a wonderful man. however, i am sexually attracted to some girls too, yet i wouldn’t consider dating them. i feel that dating a girl would be strange… i couldn’t fall in love with them, for instance. basically, i’m physically attracted to them, but not emotionally.

would this be considered bisexual? i don’t think so. is there another term for this kind of sexuality?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Bisexual, Heteromantic–I think you may be this one. It basically means you are only attracted to men, emotionally, but find both men and women sexually attractive. Look it up in Wikipedia.
But, don’t worry so much about labeling yourself. Be who you are.
And don’t worry about what people say regarding your sexual identity. Most them probably lie their tails off, have sex outside of marriage, cheat, and G-d knows what else. You might just have “girl crushes.” Sexuality isn’t like a patch of rocks, it’s more like a rolling river. It’s fluid and open to interpretation.
Edit: The first poster is certainly correct. Women’s sexuality here in American and probably in most of the west can encompass an appreciation for beauty that men’s sexuality could never openly embrace.

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Your Questions About Adult Acne

Maria asks…

When someone has adult acne are they lacking in some nutrient?

What causes it? I seem to get worse around PMS time etc.
yeah, thats where I get in around my chin and neck

adultdatingexpert answers:

I had adult acne…i never had it as a kid, and then it just came up. Around the jawline and hairline, and even my cheeks. I was told that hormone levels and stress cause it. I tried taking birth control to regulate hormones, and working out to get rid of stress…but it did nothing. Neither did traditional creams or oral medications. I have read several articles saying that traditional methods of acne treatment don’t really work, and that they don’t totally understand what causes adult acne. It’s difficult to treat. It was very difficult for me to deal with, not having had it when i was young, and my confidence really suffered.

I was living in mexico at the time and went to a doctor who gave me “Orotane.” she didn’t ask me to change my diet at all, she didn’t address any missing nutrients. When i began the meds though, she did tell me not to eat any extra potasium, or vitamin A….but i think that had more to do with the medicine than the acne. She also told me to not get pregnant, and that i could not get pregnant until i was off the medicine for at least 1 year.

When i got back to the US my doctor told me to throw the medicine in the trash right away, that it was highly dangerous and against the law here in the US. (mostly because of lawsuits, not the actual drug) well, i didn’t. I took it for the remaining 3 months (6 months total) and i have ZERO acne. It’s awesome. And my bloodwork is fine and i am very healthy. Although i certainly plan to wait at least the full year or more before becoming pregnant. It was very strange though…for about 5 and 1/2 months, i showed little improvment, and then all of the sudden…within the last two weeks it was gone and never came back. I still ocasionally get a zit or two right before my period, but now i have found that a quick round of antibiotics WILL clear it, whereas before Orotane, antibiotics did nothing.

Michael asks…

Can we prevent Adult acne?

I am still getting acne and in my early 40s.. i also have scars left by the acne. How do I get rid of it and prevent it. I took some really strong acne medicine for 6 mths and it cleared it all up. But I couldn’t take it any longer after that becos its not good for the womb. So after stopping it, the acne is back.. I just want to try something more natural

adultdatingexpert answers:

I have the same problem hun and no there is no known cure for acne..

Just when I finally had my acne under control…BOOM perimenopause hits and messes it all up…But I am winning the battle..:)

Although Pro Active is a good skin line , there is 1 drawback…
The benzoyl peroxide in the lotion will stain colored towels white..

There is an agressive medication you can take but you have to get it from your doc… Accutane will clear up ance for good..
Drawbacks…..If you are clinically depressed you cannot take product..
The side effects of this med are extensive and some can be severe…

My solution to few problems…

Pernox.. Its an aggresive sulpur scrub that can be purchased at any Wal-Greens store… Its costly but well worth it .. The bottle cost 20.00 and usually last me about 3 weeks..You can find it in the skincare isle or ask the pharmasist if they can order it..

Best product I have ever found…

I also use a moisturizer .. Phisoderm has one that has few irritating ingredients and works well to atleast restore moisture , which is necessary ….

For blemishes that appear.. Try using a fast drying spot treatment make sure the product has sulphur in it…I use…bye bye blemish which can be found at a Sally’s Beauty store .. Not sure who else might carry the product but I do know , it works well….

Also, try taking omega flax seed oil capsules .. You can find them anywhere ex… Wal-mart..The omega capsules are good for skin and hair…

Drink lots of water … It helps flush the toxins outta of overly sensitive skin…

Stay away from caffeine products … They irritate the skin…
Eat lots of veges….
Be careful with milk products …. They have hormones in them that can irritate skin..

Or go organic…I am 100% organic because of all the steroids and junk in regular commercial foods…

Also, take a vitamin… And extra vit C .. And zinc…. Good for the skin…

My acne is under control but I do still have little flare ups every so often and they can usually be linked back to food, stress, or some chemical product…

Below I listed some sites that you might find helpful…

Hope I could help,,,:)

Sharon asks…

Sudden Adult Acne??

The last few days, my face has been throwing a fit! I never had acne during my teenage years besides a few bumps or blackheads here and there (I’m 24 now). It seems like since last weekend I’ve been getting these large red bumps on my face- and I’m having a hard time leaving the house (even for a lunch date)! Even with the use of “on the spot” treatments, it seems like they are spreading. It seemed like it started when I had switched face washes and thought maybe I was having a bad reaction- so I just switched again hoping it will take care of it. They don’t seem to have a “core” or “head” and are just large red bumps under the skin that won’t surface. My concern is how fast they seem to be spreading. I’ve been stressed and my menstrual cycle has been a little off too, so stress may be the cause, but I’ve NEVER had a reaction like this before. Any quick-fixes, remedies or advice?? It’s terribly uncomfortable, especially since I usually have really good skin. :(


adultdatingexpert answers:

This is what I suggest:

Mix baking soda and witch hazel/or water together until it comes to a good constancy, and then spread on your face and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. These two things are very inexpensive and it’s very easy to do since there is only two ingredients.

Toothpaste is good for drying out your pimple (for some people). Put only a little bit before you go to sleep. Some people use this as a mask but DON‘T EVER DO THIS! It can change your skin tone and make your face discolored. But this is not recommended to everyone because it can make it worse.

Try to buy a cleanser that works for you, and when you wash your face, open your pores with hot water (not too hot, or it will dry out your skin) and massage it gently into your skin. Then, use cold water at the end to close you pores. The smaller your pores are, the less likely you’re prone to pimples. Clearasil, Neutrogena, and proactive are good choices to start if you want a cleanser. THey might not work for you, so try different products. Don’t use body soaps because they dry out your skin. Don’t scrub too hard when you wash your face, because it can irritate your skin.

Zinc (type of vitamin) is the one of the best things you can use to get rid of pimples. You can buy these almost about any large store (such as Wal-Mart or Shaws.) Have one or two tablet per day and try to cut down the junk food and replace it with vegetables and fruits. Drink lots of water and don’t pop you acne. Popping acne can lead to acne scars. Zinc can be found in many types of fishes.

If you have sensitive skin, don’t use make up. Some of the things in make up can clog your pores and cause pimples. Keep your hands out of your face as much as you can because you hands are full of bacteria and oils. Keep your hair out of your face because the oils in your hair could go into your pores. Change you sheets because they’re are trapped with dirt, oils, etc.

An egg yoke can be used to make you pores smaller. I used this when I had pimples. Just take the egg yolk (the yellow part) and leave it on your face for 10-15 minutes and rinse off with warm water and then splash your face with cold water. Aloe vera helps acne scars lighten and less noticeable (lemon, cocoa butter, witch hazel, and tea tree oil do the same thing). Use the gel (of the aloe plant) or the real thing.

Nancy asks…

Severe adult acne!!!?

I am 23 have had severe acne for the last year. This is what I already do and have tried, so if anyone has any other advise
please let me know.
I have tried benzaclin, proactive, murad, bosia, etc…
I have tried natural products and cures
I take omega 3 supplaments and zinc and a multi wt vit A
I am a vegetarian , I do not eat alot of processed foods, sugar or soda.
My diet and/or lifestyle has not changed in the last year
I always drink lots of water(bottled, smart water, figi)
I try to ONLY eat organic food.

adultdatingexpert answers:

Applying lavander essential oil works wonders. I didn’t really believe it until someone reccomded I try it instead of the standard on the shelf stuff.

Besides that, I have found the following things matter and tend to effect acne.
1) Eating sugar (and artifical ones). If you eat no sugar your predispotion to acne drops a lot. Mine completely vanished when I did.
2) Eating greasy fried food (aka fast food). I noticed I was able to feel outbreaks coming on as I ate the stuff. I think sugar matters more though.
3) Getting rid of hair covering the face (so beards, sideburns, or long curly hair that gets to your cheaks). I don’t know why this one matters but it does.
4) Washing the face with water from a shower. The more you wash it the better it gets. However, chlorine which is in all tap water irritates it as well, so if you get the chance to get a chlorine shower filter that goes a long way to fixing your skin (and hair).

There are some other anecdotal things I am not sure of in anyway about acne, but I’d leave it as; if you are generally healthy then you will not get acne, so most of the time its best to just think of acne as an indictator for your body. Then again its a pretty awful one to deal with, and I went through a lot of grief before I figured out what I just told you.

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Your Questions About Sexy And I Know It Lyrics

Maria asks…

How do i PERNOUNCE the gangnam style lyrics?

So its winter break and i want to know the lyrics for gangnam style and how to pernounce the lyrics so when i go back to school i will no the lyrics and dont just say stuff like it will be to hard to learn

adultdatingexpert answers:

Oppan gang-namseutayil

Naje-neun ttasaroun inkanjeo-gin yeoja
Keopi hanjanye yeoyureuraneun pumkyeok i-nneun yeoja
Bami omyeon shimjangi tteugeowojineun yeoja
Keureon banjeon i-nneun yeoja

Naneun sana-i
Naje-neun neomankeum ttasaroun geureon sana-i
Keopi shikgido jeone wonsyas ttaerineun sana-i
Bami omyeon shimjangi teojyeobeorineun sana-i
Keureon sana-i

Areumdawo sarangseureowo
Keurae neo hey keurae baro neo hey

Areumdawo sarangseureowo
Keurae neo hey keurae baro neo hey

Chigeumbu-teo kal dekkaji kabol-kka

Oppan gang-namseutayil


Oppan gang-namseutayil


Oppan gang-namseutayil

Eh- sexy lady
Oppan gang-namseutayil

Eh- sexy lady

Jeongsu-khae boijiman nol ttaen noneun yeoja
Ittaeda shipeumyeon mukkeot-deon meori puneun yeoja
Karyeot-jiman wen-manhan nochulboda yahan yeoja
Keureon gamkakjeo-gin yeoja

Naneun sana-i
Jeomjanha boijiman nol ttaen noneun sana-i
Ttae-ga dwehmyeon wahnjeon michyeobeorineun sana-i
Keunyukboda sasangi ul-tungbul-tung-han sana-i
Keureon sana-i

Areumdawo sarangseureowo
Keurae neo hey keurae baro neo hey

Areumdawo sarangseureowo
Keurae neo hey keurae baro neo hey

Chigeumbu-teo kal dekkaji kabol-kka

Oppan gang-namseutayil


Oppan gang-namseutayil


Oppan gang-namseutayil

Eh- sexy lady
Oppan gang-namseutayil

Eh- sexy lady

Ttwiineun nom keu wiie naneun nom
Baby baby
Naneun mwol jom aneun nom

Ttwiineun nom keu wiie naneun nom
Baby baby
Naneun mwol jom aneun nom

You know what i’m saying

Oppan gang-namseutayil

Eh- sexy lady
Oppan gang-namseutayil

Eh- sexy lady
Oppan gang-namseutayil

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Ken asks…

What are these two songs that were featured on commercials?

The first song is on the new scion commercial, and it kind of sounds like a daft punk song.

The second song was on and old ipod touch commercial and the lyrics were something like “music is my girlfriend, music is my boyfriend…’s my imaginary friend”

Can anyone tell me what these two songs are?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Im not sure what the first one is, people are saying its ‘Genesis’ by Justice… But the second one is ‘music is my hot, hot sex’ by Cansei De Ser Sexy

Paul asks…

What is the name of this song and who sings it?

I remember there being lyrics in the song saying: “Would you dance, if i asked you to dance? Would you cry if i asked you to cry?” I know it‘s a man who sings this song. I haven’t heard it in a while and i would like to listen to it again.

adultdatingexpert answers:

Hero by Enrique Iglesias.
He is hot, sexy, and I love his music.

Donna asks…

Why do people think hip hop artists with misogynistic, homophobic, and hateful lyrics are cool?

Like Snoop Dogg–he treats women as objects only worthy if they are young and have a sexy body to be used but not respected. I don’t think he’s cool AT ALL. Seriously what is going on, society…got morals?
I need to chill…? No, you need to wake up and stop supporting men whose message is women deserve no respect. Especially you, as a woman, should stand up for yourself. Woman are still treated as inferior all over the world. Obviously we still have a ways to go.
Just because women have always been stoned and raped and treated like dirt throughout history doesn’t make it okay today.

adultdatingexpert answers:

Not all people do.
Go listen to some underground rap, there will be much less type of lyrics there, but as a whole…
You can never escape misogynistic, homophobic, and hateful lyrics, since it’s been obscured in the culture for 50+ years.

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Your Questions About Adult Swim Shows

Lisa asks…

can you tell me names of the old adult swim shows/and inuyaha movies like lupin the third, and trigun plesse?

it’s from the adult swim program

adultdatingexpert answers:

Old anime show from adult swim:
Dragonball, Dragonball Z


Ronin Warriors

Saint Seiya

Cowboy Bebop

Outlaw Star- about 25 eps

Rurouni Kenshin- 95 eps and 1 movie

Hack//Sign- 26 eps

S-cry-ed- 26 eps



Those are just some, there’s more just can’t think of them. I’ll add more when I remember. Hope I helped some. :)

Some more:

Shadow Skill

Blue Seed

Blue Gender


Wolf’s Rain

Gundam series

Yu Yu Hakusho

Witch Hunter Robin

ROD: Read or Die


Tenchi Muyo

Trigun- which you mentioned already

Lupin the 3rd- which you mentioned as well

Sorry I keep remembering more :)

Last Exile


Crest of the Stars, Banner of the Stars

Soul Taker

Kino’s Journey


Akira- movie

Dia Guard

Gad Guard


Dirty Pair

Big O

Got a few more :)
Ninja Scroll- movie

X- the series and movie


Record of Lodess War

Wrath of the Ninja- movie

Jin-Roh- movie

Escaflowne- don’t remember if it aired on adult swim, but it’s an older one

Cardcaptor Sakura- don’t remember if it aired on it either, I think it did for a short while

Thanks Hex A. :) You’ve got a pretty good list there yourself. I’ve seen all the Inuyasha movies, but I couldn’t remember what they were called. :)

Daniel asks…

Name of an old Adult Swim show?

about six years ago or so there was a show that aired at 5:30 or 6am everyday for quite a while, i remember it looking very futuristic possibly 3D-like, the people may have been blue-ish, im not sure. i used to watch it in the mornings and i cannot remember the name!! any ideas? (people also may ave been half robot? idk, its a vague memory) also, it wasnt a comedy, or an anime. it was more or less just an action show.

adultdatingexpert answers:


A computer generated animated TV show produced in Canada.

It took place inside of a computer (called Mainframe), in which users in the real world would play video games that would disrupt the system. The main characters guardians who had to go into the game, play against the user and defeat him to prevent permanent system damage. There was also a host of evil virus programs who wanted to take over Mainframe, like Megabyte and Hexadecimal. There were a lot of in-jokes and computer references. In the later seasons that were aired on Cartoon Network, Mainframe is connected to the internet, which causes a bunch of new problems for the cast when Bob gets lost on the internet.

It wasn’t part of Adult Swim, but aired after it (hence its 5:30am timeslot) It also used to be part of Toonami and the other afternoon blocks.

Chris asks…

What show is better? Adult Swim or Toonami?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Adult swim
i remember Toonami

Mary asks…

Whats the name of this adult swim show?

The main character is this buff white guy with black hair and blue eyes, he’s really witty and a smart ass. His partner has big tits. His mom has white hair. The entire show is just really witty. If anyone could tell me the name of this show from my vauge ass description.. id appreciate it lol

adultdatingexpert answers:

The show your referring to is Archer. Its not a Adult Swim show, its a FX show.

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Your Questions About Sex And The City 2

Carol asks…

is sex and the city 2 suppose to be in a different language?

i found numerous videos on the computer but none of them are in english; they also have NO subtitles (captions.)

adultdatingexpert answers:

Sex and the City 2 is originally in english. Those videos are probably dubbed

Maria asks…

is there gonna be a sex and the city 2?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Yes, they are beginning shooting in the fall of this year, and the movie will be out around the end of May 2010.
Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Catrell, Kristin Davis and Chris Noth will all star in Sex and the city 2.

Lizzie asks…

Sex and the city 2!!?

What does Garou put in Carriesmilk when she cant sleep? Is it nutmeg?

adultdatingexpert answers:

I was just watching Sex and the City 2!! He put Cinnamon in the milk.

Donald asks…

has anybody seen sex and the city 2?

if so. can you tell me how long you were in the theatre for?
I’m just wondering. I know it is a 2 1/2 hour long movie. But, I was wondering with the credits and all. How long were you in the theatre for?
trying to plan my day tomorrow. this information will be very helpful.

Thank you

adultdatingexpert answers:

When a movie is listed as a certain number of minutes (150 minutes, let’s say) that is including the credits at the end. Previews before every movie are anywhere from 8-15 minutes, depending how much the theater wants to annoy you by showing a lot of them. Since this is the beginning of the summer movie season, I would expect for you to see a lot of preview at the beginning, so if I film is slated to begin at 1:30 for example, that means the previews start at 1:30 and the movie would start 15 minutes later.

I am a guy and would never see Sex and the City 2, but if you want to see reviews go to rotten or metacritic to see what the overall opinion of it is from critics.

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Your Questions About Adultery

Laura asks…

If the Military holds soldiers accountable for adultery as a crime, why doesn’t the public courts?

Millions of family breaks down because spouses break their vows and commit adultery. The military sees it as a crime because the soldier is not protecting his family. Many of men have been sent to Jail for getting upset when they find out their spouse has committed adultery, many women have their lives torn apart when their husband cheats on them. Many children rights to enjoy a complete family is violated. Adultery has lead to murders, beatings, broken homes, children scarred. Why isn’t it taken serious in civilian courts?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Good question. The only answer that I can come up with is that politicians are the ones making the laws. They do not want to be prosecuted for committing adultery themselves. At one point South Carolina allowed you to file a lawsuit against the person your spouse had an affair with under “Alienation of affection”. The court system became overwhelmed and dropped the law. I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread myself. As long as the politicians continue to hop from bed to bed, there will be no law for the public. In my opinion they should be held to the utmost moral standards, just like the military.

Donald asks…

Is it considered adultery when you have only being apart for two weeks not legally seperated?

My husband and I have been seperated for one month dring that month he keeps saying he wants our relationship to get better but yet he is talking to a marrie woman and he will not confess.Is it adultery whats he is doing?

adultdatingexpert answers:

If he is only speaking with this other woman – and there is no sexual contact going on – and he tells you he wants your realtionship to get better – no, this is not considered adultery.

If he is having sexual relations with another person, while you are married, and not legally seperated, then this would be considered adultery.

If you suspect he is having sexual relations – but cannot prove it, and he denies it – you wouldnt be able to claim it as adultery.

Linda asks…

Why was king Henry the 8th committing adultery and not get punished by it?

I mean I know he is the king and all and can do what ever he wants, but isn’t that against his religion? He was accusing his wives of committing adultery but he was doing it too, why didn’t they accuse him since he obviously was and showing off about it, and why didn’t he get punished or suffer the consequences like his wive’s did.

adultdatingexpert answers:

For a queen to committ adultery was treason, because it endangered the succession. She might have a baby that was not the king’, who might end up becoming the next monarch.

A king committing adultry was not the same thing. There has always been a different standard for men and women, adultery in a woman has always been seen as more serious, because she is the one who has the babies. Adultery was always a reason why a man could divorce his wife for instance, but a woman could not always do the same. And when it came to a queen, for her to committ adultery was a very serious offence.

The fact is that women were generally expected to turn a blind eye to their husband’s infidelities, and this applied especially to queens. When Anne Boleyn complained about the attention Henry was showing to another woman, he told her brusquely that she should keep quiet about it , as ‘her betters’ had done. By that he meant Katherine of Aragon. Hearing Katherine of Aragon refered to as her ‘betters’ must have been galling for the proud Anne.

However, men who slept with other men’s wives often did suffer. Five men were executed for having slept with Anne Boleyn (most probably all were innocent). Spare a thought for them.

Mark asks…

Why are women stoned to death for adultery?

Where I am living now, women are being stoned to death for adultery and other silly things; fornication whips or something, I look different Asian and live their it is horrible; they treat me like garbage for being Asian.
I live in Islam.

adultdatingexpert answers:

It pains me when a girl has to be stoned. But adultery is not a silly thing. It is a rather serious thing that can result in a lot of social destruction and devalues the sacred institution of marriage.

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