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Your Questions About Adultery

Laura asks…

If the Military holds soldiers accountable for adultery as a crime, why doesn’t the public courts?

Millions of family breaks down because spouses break their vows and commit adultery. The military sees it as a crime because the soldier is not protecting his family. Many of men have been sent to Jail for getting upset when they find out their spouse has committed adultery, many women have their lives torn apart when their husband cheats on them. Many children rights to enjoy a complete family is violated. Adultery has lead to murders, beatings, broken homes, children scarred. Why isn’t it taken serious in civilian courts?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Good question. The only answer that I can come up with is that politicians are the ones making the laws. They do not want to be prosecuted for committing adultery themselves. At one point South Carolina allowed you to file a lawsuit against the person your spouse had an affair with under “Alienation of affection”. The court system became overwhelmed and dropped the law. I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread myself. As long as the politicians continue to hop from bed to bed, there will be no law for the public. In my opinion they should be held to the utmost moral standards, just like the military.

Donald asks…

Is it considered adultery when you have only being apart for two weeks not legally seperated?

My husband and I have been seperated for one month dring that month he keeps saying he wants our relationship to get better but yet he is talking to a marrie woman and he will not confess.Is it adultery whats he is doing?

adultdatingexpert answers:

If he is only speaking with this other woman – and there is no sexual contact going on – and he tells you he wants your realtionship to get better – no, this is not considered adultery.

If he is having sexual relations with another person, while you are married, and not legally seperated, then this would be considered adultery.

If you suspect he is having sexual relations – but cannot prove it, and he denies it – you wouldnt be able to claim it as adultery.

Linda asks…

Why was king Henry the 8th committing adultery and not get punished by it?

I mean I know he is the king and all and can do what ever he wants, but isn’t that against his religion? He was accusing his wives of committing adultery but he was doing it too, why didn’t they accuse him since he obviously was and showing off about it, and why didn’t he get punished or suffer the consequences like his wive’s did.

adultdatingexpert answers:

For a queen to committ adultery was treason, because it endangered the succession. She might have a baby that was not the king’, who might end up becoming the next monarch.

A king committing adultry was not the same thing. There has always been a different standard for men and women, adultery in a woman has always been seen as more serious, because she is the one who has the babies. Adultery was always a reason why a man could divorce his wife for instance, but a woman could not always do the same. And when it came to a queen, for her to committ adultery was a very serious offence.

The fact is that women were generally expected to turn a blind eye to their husband’s infidelities, and this applied especially to queens. When Anne Boleyn complained about the attention Henry was showing to another woman, he told her brusquely that she should keep quiet about it , as ‘her betters’ had done. By that he meant Katherine of Aragon. Hearing Katherine of Aragon refered to as her ‘betters’ must have been galling for the proud Anne.

However, men who slept with other men’s wives often did suffer. Five men were executed for having slept with Anne Boleyn (most probably all were innocent). Spare a thought for them.

Mark asks…

Why are women stoned to death for adultery?

Where I am living now, women are being stoned to death for adultery and other silly things; fornication whips or something, I look different Asian and live their it is horrible; they treat me like garbage for being Asian.
I live in Islam.

adultdatingexpert answers:

It pains me when a girl has to be stoned. But adultery is not a silly thing. It is a rather serious thing that can result in a lot of social destruction and devalues the sacred institution of marriage.

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Your Questions About Sexuality

Mandy asks…

I think I am an unlabeled sexuality :( ?

I’m 17 this year and have been thinking since I was 15 that I may I’m fact like girls, too, but other days, I prefer the boys but as time goes on, it just gets harder and harder to want to go out with guys for me. I’m attracted to them, but I get bored of them really quickly. Hell, I’m already bored of my boyfriend and we’ve been dating for less than a month.

Bisexual is a really unfitting label and I really feel uncomfortable calling myself that.

I’ve considered pansexuality but that doesn’t really feel right, either. Maybe I’m an unlabeled sexuality?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Sexuality can be pretty complicated–I identify as a homoromantic pansexual, for instance. It sounds like that may be something like your situation.

Remember, though, that sexuality is fluid. It’s never set in stone. You’re young–you’ll find your stride in time!

David asks…

What should Sexuality Educators know and teach?

What should sexuality educators know and teach? I am thinking more along the lines of a college educator. What do you think is important to know about sexuality aside from the obvious which is sex?

adultdatingexpert answers:

A “Sexuality Educator” (excuse the speech marks, never heard of one before). Anyway, I think a sex educator should know is things like this;

what sexuality is, how it affects different people i.e. Religion, family status, jobs, prejudice, discrimination, sexual harassment in a workplace as in bullying or whatnot. Also know about how to stay safe, like all the STI STD and HIV/AIDS and hay may they could prevent it. Another things you could mention is how to stay safe in clubs and stay clear of any legal drugs like “poppers” or illegal drugs like ecstasy and common drugs that are used in clubs.

And what you should bring up is mental health in sexuality such as depression, denial of sexuality, anxiety and different mental health that are prone to sexuality. More over, I think you should know that they are different sexualities like; pansexuals, asexuals and transgendered and get them to understand that they’re isn’t just gay, lesbian or bi-sexuals out there.

And most importantly is is teach them how to respect people who have a different sexual orientation from them and teach them not to judge and “hate” them, which obviously will be the hardest part of it.

Hope I’ve helped

Daniel asks…

Define the term sexuality.?

Define the term sexuality.

adultdatingexpert answers:

Human sexuality is how people experience and express themselves as sexual beings.

For the general term ‘sexuality’:

Sharon asks…

What is my sexuality?

here are the reasons why i’m questioning it.

1. i love boobies
2. i love my boyfrien(he’s gay)
3. i liked girls before like romanticaly or-on random occasion-sexualy
4. i find girl pussy gross and find boy pussy nice(sorry for this)
5. when i like a guy they r usualy feminine
6. i dont like penis
7. i find transexual m2f verry attractive if they look pretty and still have a cock

so what is my sexuality??

adultdatingexpert answers:

Labels are pointless, because they’re inherently flawed. Life is much more easier, and you are open to much more options, if you don’t limit yourself to being defined by a one-dimensional description.

Sexuality is more of a spectrum, so it’s not like your situation is totally unheard of. As long as you don’t get too caught up in trying to label yourself, it should be more than simple enough to just accept it for what it is. Focusing on personality and letting the rest fall into place is also a good idea. It’s basically the way I operate as a Bisexual.

You’re just you. There’s no need to worry about labeling yourself. Just feel your feelings and act accordingly. It doesn’t matter if you’re straight, bisexual or gay. There is no reason to really label what your sexuality is because whatever it is you are just being yourself which is a wonderful thing to be.

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Your Questions About Adult Add

Susan asks…

What kind of mediation service is the best for conflict resolution between two parties that are not partners?

I have a friend with adult ADD who is having problems getting past a misunderstanding that took place a few months ago with an acquaintance.

adultdatingexpert answers:

Silence & separation . . Or you could pay for civil mediation.

Carol asks…

How long does it take to get used to Intuniv?

My doctor just prescribed me Intuniv for Adult ADD and Insomnia. I took my first dosage last night before bed and while I slept very well last night, I cannot stay awake today I have been falling asleep at my desk and my words and slurred. How long will it take me to get used to this medicine?

adultdatingexpert answers:

I was just given a sample to start today. Are you taking any stimulants with it? I’m supposed to take the Intuniv with my Adderall. From what I read it seems to take at least a few days to a week. Good luck, hope it works and gets you feeling better soon!

Jenny asks…

What kind of doctor prescribes Adderall?

I want to get tested for adult ADD but I’m not sure what kind of doctor to go to.

adultdatingexpert answers:

Any family MD or a Psychiatrist

Robert asks…

Is attention deficit disorder classifiable as a disability by the Social Security Administration?

I cannot find help with my ADD. I cannot work because of it. I ruin every opportunity in one way or another. I am a classic case of adult ADD. I have no support strecture or money. Is there any help available or am I destined to fall through the cracks like I have for the last 20 years?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Yes, it is. They will want to know if you are getting treatment (taking meds) and if you are responding to it. You will want some documentation that you at least made an effort to get help and manage the symptoms. If the issues you are having are severe enough, you have a fighting chance.

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Your Questions About Sex Offenders

Donna asks…

How long do you have to stay a registered sex offender?

One of my friends recently had to register as a sex offender. Yikes. How long does he have to stay on the list?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Sorry to say but once convicted of being a sex offender you have to stay registered

Chris asks…

How can a sex offender become an officer?

A sex offender record expunged and goes to law school and gets a certificate, and becomes a police officer in that area, how can the comunity in that area be aware of it. Or how can he get away with this?

adultdatingexpert answers:

If his record was expunged then isn’t he innocent of any crime. You can’t call him a sex offender if he is an innocent man and you cant allow the stigma of false accusations to ruin the life of an innocent man.

Did he sexually assault you? What makes you so sure the law is wrong and he is guilty?

If he didn’t do it he has every right to do whatever he wants with his life for example, become a police officer. If he did do it then the law is f**cked, but it’s the law all the same and he will always be seen as innocent of that crime in its eyes.


I’m not from America so checked a bit about records being expunged, this is what I found……

“Theoretically, federal law allows persons convicted of felonies in a federal United States district court to apply to have their record expunged after a certain period of time with a clean record. However, the U.S. Congress has refused to fund the federal agency mandated with handling the applications of convicted felons to have their record expunged. This means that, in practice, federal felons cannot have their records expunged.”

Lisa asks…

How can I find out about sex offenders in my area?

My sister just found out that one of her employees may be a sex offender. I googled sex offender lists, and only found sites where they had a fee and needed my physical address to send the list to. We don’t want to give out our address or pay a fee to find out something that is supposed to be free knowledge. Are there any sites where I can get a free, immediate list of local pedophiles?

adultdatingexpert answers:

You can use this site to look up sex offenders in your area:

Lizzie asks…

What are some common personality traits of sex offenders?

A friend of mine is registered sex offender, but states he didn’t do it and got a bad rap. How likely is it that this is true?

adultdatingexpert answers:

I agree with Kathryn- they are all of the above.
Besides an investigation by the police, he would of had an evaluation by a psychologist. The report from the psychologist to the police and courts is what helps determine if they will became a register sex offender. Besides being found guilty. Some offenders or those who are charged with sex offenses are not always reported as a register offender it also depends on the crime and the age of the victim.
There is a national sex offender web site and most states have a web site – if your friend has not told you what he has done – you can always look him up.
I would just be careful and if you have children -do not leave him alone with him.

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Your Questions About Adult Acne

Mandy asks…

Adult acne?

I have been suffering from adult acne for a long time. I feel it affects every area of my life. I am miserable in my job and hesitant to look for another for fear the way I look will turn employers off. Just how much are people judged by the way they look? In all other ways I am attractive.

adultdatingexpert answers:

Here are some tips to help you:

- don’t touch your face with your hands, as this encourages the spread to bacteria which contributes to acne.
- if your hair is hanging in your face, keep it out of your face with clips, etc., as hair in your face contributes to oiliness and acne.
- don’t over wash or scrub your face … Just use a gentle cleansing system in the morning and evening. Overwashing or scrubbing just irritates your skin more and can spread bacteria.

With any acne treatment system you decide to use, it will probably take at least 30 days to see results. You must be consistent and follow directions for use.

Arbonne offers a great acne treatment system. It’s inexpensive, botanically based, contains no mineral oil, no animal products or byproducts, and gives pure, safe, beneficial results.

Hang in there … And good luck!

Betty asks…

What is the best treatment for adult acne?

I am 29 years old and have started getting acne all around my mouth. I have tried everything and nothing has seemed to work. Can anyone suggest anything that I can use at home or even suggest treatments that i can buy. I am desperate!!
What are some examples of enzymes that I can take??

adultdatingexpert answers:

Are you sure you have tried everything? :)

Take heart. Help is here. I personally faced terrible acne condition for 9 years so I know the feeling you are feeling now. My face was so severely covered by acne that a couple of years ago, if I had to guess, I had over hundreds of zits.

I dared not go out. Embarrassed to talk to people especially girls. I definitely hated it when some friends of mine talked about my acne condition.

I researched for the best methods to cure acne and have taken notes on the treatments that I’ve used…. So if your condition is like what you have described, hopefully the tips that I will be giving out are going to help you.

1. Use tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is one of the best solution for acne. It kills the bacterias that cause zits to rise on your skin. Cheap and effective. It’s better than most products on sale based on my personal experience.

2. I know they told you to wash your face 239 times a day if you want to get rid of acne.

The whole point of washing your face is to remove dirt and bacterias from your skin as well as remove dead skin cells. Don’t over-wash your face. Over washing will make your skin’s texture damaged. Dryness is another issue.

3. Eat more vegetables and fruits.

Vegetables and fruits contain high amounts of vitamins, minerals and most importantly fibers.

- Vitamins sourced from the fruits and vegetables you eat are EXTREMELY ESSENTIAL TO PROMOTE THE GENERAL HEALTH OF YOUR SKIN and PREVENT ACNE BREAKOUTS.

- Minerals boost the immune system and regulate the hormone secretion. Required for other bodily functions too.

- FIBERS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING HERE! Did you know that on average our body contains about 5 kgs of toxins? These toxins will make your hormone secretion go chaotic and immune system to deteriorate. Eating more fruits and vegetables helps to deal with this.

*************FRUITS AND VEGETABLES CONTAIN NATURAL ENZYMES TOO!!!************************

3. Stress – I know you have a lot of stress

Emotional health does play a role in acne. As 29 year old, I am sure you have quite a lot of stress in the workplace, and possibly in your personal life. Everyone has stress!

Excessive Stress causes the following:
- Deteriorated immune system. Bacterias that cause acne cannot be dealt with by the immune system thus causes more acne breakouts.

- Unregulated hormone secretion. When we are talking about acne, the hormone responsible for it is “Androgen”. What androgen does is it stimulates the oil glands under your skin to release oil to your skin to moisturize the skin. When you are stressed, the secretion of androgen increases, then more oil will be released to your skin. This causes your pores to get clogged, and poof here comes acne.

Getting rid of your stress is quite important if you are serious about getting rid of acne. I know it’s already stressful and frustrating when you have acne. And the more you stress on it, the worse your acne will get. I’ve personally experienced this so I know. Try not looking to the mirror so frequently. Forget about the zits. Play more, relax more and life’s going to be great!

I know I’ve been talking about many things now… But if you want to learn more about how to deal with acne, please read the article linked below.


I hope your acne will get cured soon. Best of luck.

Also, think properly before spending your hard earned money on products. The way they describe the products almost make us feel like buying. But are they really that good? Think carefully before spending! That’s good for our economy.

William asks…

What is the best solution to adult acne?

I am 31 and I have tried everything out there, including:

ProActiv; made my face dry and itchy and bleached my towels and sheets. No beneficial effects.

Most otc products including Neutrogena, Clearasil, Oil of Olay, Clean & Clear, Acne Cure, and more. No effect.

Antibiotics; worthless.

Accutane; after a grueling 7 month treatment my face was clear for about a year, then it started coming back.

Birthcontrol pills; including Diane 35. Made my migraines unbearable and didn’t help my acne.

Any other suggestions??? I am desperate.
I have been to a dermatologist. She is the one who gave me the antibiotics and Accutane.

adultdatingexpert answers:

Well,I do have terrible acne and I found that my skin type is sensitive skin and it makes me harder to find the right products that I could use to reduce my acne.That is when I tried Clinique 3 Steps Skincare Regime and it really works for my acne and now I have less breakouts after 3 months usage and I only need to work on my scars from my previous acne to improve my skin complexion.Since Clinique 3 Steps works for all skin types,I would recommend you to try this product since it has the basics of skincare regime and work wonders on your skin.However,you could also try these homemade remedies if you want to improve your chance of healing.Good luck trying these at home(:

Honey Paste-Another easy and effective homemade acne treatment is to make a paste of honey with cinnamon and nutmeg. All you need is about one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and about half of it nutmeg powder. Add some honey to make enough paste to cover the inflammed area completely. Just lie down as honey may dribble down. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes and wash with luke warm water.

Orange peel-Homemade Acne Treatment using Orange peel has been found very effective. Pound the orange peel with water on a piece of stone and apply to acne affected areas.

Basil tea-Basil tea like neem is effective in killing bacteria. Drinking it twice a day can do wonders to the skin.

Coconut Oil-Coconut oil is a cheap and easily available acne solution. Regular use of coconut oil over a period of time helps to clear your skin.

Lemon Juice-A simple remedy at home for acne: Apply lemon juice regularly to reduce pimples and acne. This has proven beneficial results.

Well,these are the remedies that work gentle on your skin while getting rid of acne.Hope this helps and great skin wishes.

P/s:Seeking consult from a dermatologist is a good idea too if you want to consult on products that suits your skin type.I would suggest you to stop from taking Accutane though since it will make things worse.Hope I helped(:

Paul asks…

Adult acne?

I have PCOS and the acne to along with it. I have tried everything I know of under the sun, is there anything that you tried that helped? I only drink water, occasionaly iced tea, I dont eat greasy foods, I wash my face morning and night, wear neutrogena make up. I have tried every otc ointment out there, even been on some prescribed meds but none seem to help anymore. Anyone have any ideas?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Are you treating your PCOS? Treating the PCOS probably wont make your acne clear up totally, but it should help a lot. That combined with the other things you are doing may work for you. Also, talk to a dermatologist about getting on a prescription for your acne. Here’s a little PCOS info for you (I highly recommend treating this to help with all your symptoms, including the acne).

It is important to really understand what PCOS is and the correct way to treat it. Unfortunatly, many doctors are not very knowledgeable and do not really understand much about PCOS. I recommend seeing a reproductive endocrinologist (RE). They are your best bet at correct PCOS treatment and any fertility treatments you may need. Here’s a little general PCOS info to get you started:

The underlying cause of PCOS is insulin resistance (IR). The best treatment for PCOS is going on an insulin sensitizing drug such as metformin (1500-2550mg per day) combined with a low carb diet and exercise. There are a few important things to know:

1. Many women “pass” the test for IR, but still respond positively from the metformin. No one knows exactlly thought is that the test is not a sure fire way of detecting the IR.

2. You must be on a high enough dose of metformin. I’ve heard women complain that their bodies dont start working even though they’ve been on metformin for awhile. Some doctors are hesitant to up the dose past 1500mg…but for some of us it takes more. I don’t respond until my dose is around 2000mg a day.

3. It can take a few months on the correct dose, before your body is regulated. Hopefully you will start ovulating on your own and you will be able to get pregnant without any other treatment needed. If not, the RE can begin other fertility treatments while you are still on metformin.

4. It is important to treat your PCOS even if you are not trying to get pregnant. There are higher risks for many things (high blood pressure, blood clots, diabetes, and many other things) when you have PCOS, but if it is treated properly, then those risks are lowered.

I highly recommend visiting… It is a great message board where you can ask all your PCOS questions, including those about getting pregnant. Good luck.

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Your Questions About Sex Pistols

Daniel asks…

How to get a punk rock sound on your guitar?

I have been listening to punk rock bands like The Ramones and The Sex Pistols recently and just released how sweet the guitars sound. A guitar sound that would also be really cool to use in a rock n’ roll band. How can I get it in the cheapest way possible? I don’t want to buy effects but if it’s necessary I would probably buy some.

adultdatingexpert answers:

Punk bands always, for the most part, use a lot of distortion and overdrive. Its just that dirty punk sound. The cheapest way to do it would be to buy a distortion pedal, especially if all you have is a small practice amp that doesn’t really provide a lot of distortion. However, its always a great investment to buy an amp that has built in effects. Most of the digital effect amps have different settings modeled after different amps. I have a Behringer and it has everything from Fender tube amps, to a modern Marshall stack. Another thing is the tuning. A lot of punk bands will play a half step down. Also, they typically only use their bridge pick up. Hope this helps.

Betty asks…

How do I make spikes with my hair using Knox Gelatin?

I just cut my hair and I want to make spikes like Sid Vicious from the Sex Pistols use to have. I have 3 packets of Knox Gelatin. How many do I use and do I mix it will really hot, warm, or cold water? What exactly do I have to do to make the spikes stand up? Do I blow dry it afterwards?

adultdatingexpert answers:

White Elmer’s glue is great.

Sharon asks…

How many albums did The Sex Pistols make?

I heard they only made one: “Never mind the bullocks, heres The Sex Pistols.


adultdatingexpert answers:

Your right, that was their only album every released.

Thomas asks…

Is it illegal to record a vocal cover with the insturmental version of the song in the background?

I wanna do a vocal cover of the sex pistols and put it on YouTube but not sell it. im gunna use audacity. is that illegal??

adultdatingexpert answers:

U mean slex pistols

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Your Questions About Adult Children Of Alcoholics

Susan asks…

Where can I celebrate my son’s 1st birthday without spending too much?

My son will be turning one on 9/23.

Yes, I KNOW this party is more for my husband and I. We had a difficult time during pregnancy and he might be our only child so YES, again, I am aware my son will not remember this, nevertheless we want to celebrate.

About 35 Adults + 15 children ages 1-8.

Budget is low. Maybe $500 including food. Unless I just have cake & ice cream and party favors?

I live in Los Angeles County bordering Orange County. Any suggestions? Thank you!

adultdatingexpert answers:

For that price best place would be in your home make it more like kids in your front or backyard and adults in the house with non alcoholic wine a bounce house or scratch that and put party games like musical chairs water baloon toss maybe even a small pool a kiddie pool and a pinata

Thomas asks…

Why are teenagers and young adults so ungrateful for everything these days?

They are given the world by half of us n they dont give two shi’ts, and most of them are alcoholics.
Why do they do this?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Because they’re spoiled brats. Of course, that might just be because someone in a previous generation decided that disciplining their children was going to damage them psychologically, but I digress.

Sharon asks…

Is it true that children of alcoholics/addicts tend to have more anxiety problems than others?

I have had severe anxiety and suffered from depression my whole life. My life isn’t bad at all! But I grew up in a dysfunctional household with a drunk dad who didn’t care and a depressed mom who wasn’t around much. I finally saw a counselor last year and she said it’s very common for children of drunks/addicts to have high levels of anxiety in their adult years. Does anyone know if this is true or suffer from this?

adultdatingexpert answers:

It is somewhat of an over-simplified answer.
Children of alcoholics and / or mental illness often have had inconsistent parenting. As a result those children often have not negotiated the various developmental stages of early life as well as children from healthier parents. The consequences of that can be low self-esteem, inadequate development of social skill, difficulty forming close relationships and boundary problems. All the above can make interacting with others more stressful – thus anxiety or depression.
Also, there could be underlying biological markers for depression or anxiety that your parents experienced. It is not uncommon for people to use alcohol or other drugs to self-medicate their mood only to have the alcohol or drug turn into a primary disorder of its own later.

Joseph asks…

What kind of community causes do you donate your time and/or money to and why?

I work for a non-profit agency that works with people of all ages and abilities. We are trying to raise money for a state of the art facility for a preschool, k-12 school, 4 adult day habilitation programs, children’s case management, developmental therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and a greenhouse work program for adults, as well as community gardens, and a handicap accessible playground for the community. To better our community by increasing the abilities of the most disabled people in our community so they contribute to the community (and have an income), and provide a play/picnic area for all families and children of all abilities.
I am wondering what people donate to and why. It seems that there are many programs (grants and private trusts) to assist in things like animal shelters, and parks and things like that that are not such a high priority need for most communities. So why support these programs over programs that assist our community on a larger scale. Everyone knows someone who is an alcoholic/drug abuser, developmentally disabled, physically disabled, abused, raped, or has children in public programming and or activities, so why do chose to donate elsewhere?

adultdatingexpert answers:

First of all, who are you to say that animal shelters & parks are not as worthy/needy of funding as your program?

People donate to non-profits that directly effect their own lives. I donate $$ to my local community radio station. It might not seem like priority to you, but it is to me b/c I listen to that station everyday & my life would be empty without it. I also donate my time to Big Brothers Big Sisters, because it’s an established, well-known organization and I am directly involved in the life of my Little Sister.

Perhaps you need to publicize your organization more. Issue press releases about the work that you’re doing, start a direct mail campaign, have regular events (bake sales, car washes, concerts) to get the word out. The more people know about your charity, the more willing they will be to donate to it.

Remember – there are *tons* of worthy charities out there in need of funding. We can’t give to all of them – it’s just impossible. We do what we can afford, so we choose the ones that matter most to us. Don’t take it so personally that *everyone* isn’t contributing to yours. We have different values.

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Your Questions About Sexy And I Know It

Robert asks…

How to improve my looks and appear more sexy and feminine?

Hi, I am into cross-dressing and want to truly experience what its like being a sexy female! I will need a lot of help and suggestions from you Girls! Where shall I start and how can I make myself look pretty? I want to be absolutely convincing and I am willing to go to a salon! Any ideas on clothes, treatments, nails, makeup, hair? Please help!

adultdatingexpert answers:

Hair: styled, if it is short you can start to grow it out,get extensions or wigs. Try different hair styles and your can try highlights/dye. I would go for more of a Natural look though.
Makeup:again, natural. Emphasis you good/feminine features
Clothes:depending on your body type i’d go for feminine prints and Accessories and styles that flatter you in a Feminine way (give you an hourglass figure, makes it appear like yo have a larger bust…)
Nails: go longer if you can but not claws. Try french manicures, fun designs and sexy colours:)
Most importantly dress comfortably and in a way that makes you feel good about you:) your beautiful no matter what others think

Richard asks…

How to improve my looks and appear more sexy and feminine?

Hi, I am into cross-dressing and want to truly experience what its like being a sexy female! I will need a lot of help and suggestions from you Girls! Where shall I start and how can I make myself look pretty? I want to be absolutely convincing and I am willing to go to a salon! Any ideas on clothes, treatments, nails, makeup, hair? Please help!

adultdatingexpert answers:

First, for starters if you are really pale go to a Tanning Salon. Next, if you don’t want to pay a fortune to go get a mani and pedi then get glue on nails. Next if you aren’t satisfied with your hair color you can never go wrong with bleach blonde, thats what all the guys shoot for. Buy some cool makeup and try new things. Then, if you do not have a cool wardrobe find some cheap clothing stores or go to some places that are new and you haven’t yet to try. Thats how I came to looking how I am. Look at my pic and you’ll see why you should do these things. But always remeber inner beauty is what really matters so don’t be a snob. Good luck getting sexy! Lol -Gabriella

Donald asks…

What is your favorite sexiest outfit for november?

Have you seen any new sexy outfits online that are just too good to pass up? I have been browsing the internet looking for some hot items. Links to clothing pieces that YOU have found would be most appreciative!

adultdatingexpert answers:

I still think my nurse’s outfit is the sexiest !

David asks…

What are some of the sexiest professions for men and women?

List the jobs that are sexiest for men.
Then list the jobs that are sexiest for women.

adultdatingexpert answers:

Men: Firefighters, mechanics (I don’t know why but it’s sexy), doctors.

Women: Uh… Strippers? Lol I can’t think of any.

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Your Questions About Adulthood

David asks…

When will Scotland raise the age of adulthood to 21?

The age of majority worldwide should be 21 infact in the United States it should have stayed 21 in every state especially since we know the brain is fully developed at age 25 and the drinking age is 21 so “Adulthood” should be when you have all adult rights.I heard in Scotland you are an adult at 16 are they crazy I mean 18 is a baby and in Mississippi the age of majority is still 21 they are smarter than other states,also in Alabama and Nebraska its 19 they refus to lower it cause of the brain info.

adultdatingexpert answers:

We shouldn’t have to change the age of adulthood just because Americans want us to. It’s up to us, it’s our country, not yours.

Most Scottish people by the age of 16 are much more mature than Americans at age 16, it’s just how our schools work.

In American movies I see I’m always quite shocked at how childish 16-18 year old Americans are. They throw tantrums and just act like they’re 12 years old.
I’m 17, Scottish and if I ever acted like that for a length of time my mum would ask me to move out. There’s massive cultural differences you have to take into account.

At age 16 we can marry, it’s the age of consent and we can leave school.

Age 17 is driving and age 18 is buying alcohol and cigarettes.

I’m quite happy I was an adult at age 16, I felt mature enough. I left school, went to college, which was the best decision of my life. Just because I had the option to marry doesn’t mean I’ll run off and do it any chance I get. I probably won’t till I’m at least 30, I want to travel the world and live my life first.
You have to allow teenagers to have brains of their own, we’re not “babies” like you said.

Our countries are doing just fine right now without you imposing your rules on us.

@The Dark Side.
The rules in Scotland are a bit different from the rest of the UK on quite a few things. We have a completely different education system as well. I was told in School that I’m an adult at 16, and everything else I said. So…? I don’t think I’m mistaken. Just we’re a bit different from England on some things.

Steven asks…

What percentage of life that is created is actually born and survives into adulthood?

Don’t you think it’s overwhelming the road an average fetus travels to survive. It has to avoid abortion, miscarriage, survive birth, survive abusive parents, abusive teachers and schoolmasters, abductions, being murdered by it’s parents, kidnapped and held hostage.

I’d like to know the stats on how many lives that are actually created get to survive into adulthood. I bet the numbers of “terminations” are staggering much like genocide.

adultdatingexpert answers:

Probablyless than 0.000000000000001%

Richard asks…

What are somethings you like about adulthood more than childhood?

Generally, I always hear people harp about how much being an adult sucks. Well, trying to be positive, is there anything about adulthood that you like more than childhood?

adultdatingexpert answers:


Donald asks…

Does a puppy with Parvo have a good chance of living into healthy adulthood?

We have purchased a puppy (8 wk old black male lab X) from a pet rescue site and become quite attached though are yet to pick him up, and he has come down with Parvo. He is apparently doing really well, what are his chances of living into a healthy, robust adulthood? We want to save him only I am a little concerned he might be sickly for his whole life. Will he be contagious for long? Does anyone have advice?

adultdatingexpert answers:

I am a licensed veterinary technician. Most of the puppies with parvo that we treat in the hospital turn out fine. The major problems happen when owners wait too long to have them treated in the first place. However, there is always a chance of them having a low immune system in the first place. I took in a very ill parvo puppy that was left on the doorstep. We didn’t think he would make it. He is trying to steal toast from my husband as I type this, and he will be 9 years old next month. Studies say anywhere from 30-90 days as to being contagious.Just be careful and avoid other puppies and unvaccinated dogs as long as possible!!! Use 1 part bleach to 10 parts water to clean hard surfaces and the bottom of your shoes. I hope he does well and you get a great friend.

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Your Questions About Sexting

Nancy asks…

what are your thoughts about sexting?

I’m curious, I’m pretty sure a lot of you can be accused of sexting in one way or another, I dont see harm, other then pictures can surface, but if thats the case, dont you think you should TRUST the person your sexting? i mean at least kids arent out there having sex. i know a lot of people are going crazy over it but i really dont think its that bad, wats your opionon?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Sexting irks me…many sext to people they trust, but after that, they get more comfortable sending naked pictures…it’s porn over the cellphone, really. These young kids saying nasty things over the phone…it is something that they will regret in the long run. OK, funny story, long story cut short, my friends were fake sexting. Even while they were just having fun, it was completely gross. Yeah, I’m sure you don’t see exactly what’s wrong here, but I don’t believe sexting is safe in any way.

Joseph asks…

Is this sexting if…?

I want to send my boyfriend a picture of my new bikini I just bought. Is it considered sexting if I send him a picture of me in it (shows nothing indecent) to his email? Thanks

adultdatingexpert answers:

No, sexting would be if you were naked.

I have seen plenty of pictures of underage girls in bikinis & they’re legal.

Even though the law puts minors who picture sext in prison & there’s lots of puritans out there saying sexting is despicable, it’s not. Picture sexting is no different than having sex & it’s no different than seeing each other naked at a nudist resort. It’s the people supporting the underage picture sexting laws that are a threat to humanity. There is nothing wrong with underage picture sexting.

Here is how the child porn laws should be: If a minor & someone within 4 years of age exchange nude pictures of themselves & keep them between each other then no crime has been committed. If someone sends those nude pictures of that minor to a bunch of other people then there’s the crime.

Sandra asks…

Flirting or sexting? ?

So I’m 13 1/2 and there’s a guy that goes to my school and we talk alot about making out and other stuff If you know what I mean… We also talk about our bodies… And sex stuff.. So pretty much is this sexting or flirting?

adultdatingexpert answers:

Sexting is when you send sexual texts and pictures to one another. I’d say you’re “hooking up” or “talking” as per the definition from my town.
When I sext people it’s really hardcore. I’m concerned if you’re doing it the way I’m doing it. Hope I don’t sound whory, but it’s very very detailed.
I don’t count it as sexting til 1. Naked pics are exchanged. Meaning both people give one. 2. A story is begun and being written throughout and 3. Someone has begun to touch themselves.

Susan asks…

what exactly is sexting?


adultdatingexpert answers:

Sexting is sending racy pictures of yourself like pictures of yourself naked or half naked to someone else via a cellphone or the internet.

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